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5x brave autumn with the motorhome

In autumn, the natural areas turn their most beautiful colours, from yellow to red. With temperatures that are still mild, this is the perfect time for a nice autumn hike during your motorhome trip! Bring your hiking boots and camera in the camper van to take pictures of the most impressive landscapes: these are the most beautiful natural areas for an autumn hike during your camper van trip!

The Loonse and Drunense Dunes

In the Loonse en Drunense Duinen in the Netherlands, you can take several fine autumn walks. There are several marked walking routes through the nature reserve, but you can also easily map out a route yourself. During a walk in this Brabant Sahara, you walk through the dunes surrounded by woods. The forests have the most beautiful autumn colours at this time of year. You can also go on a walk with a forest ranger who will tell you everything about how the animals are prepared for the winter months.

Today, the area is one of the largest shifting sand areas in Western Europe. In the beginning - before the creation of the dunes in the late Middle Ages - there was plenty of forest. This made way for cattle, until the soil became exhausted. Then the sand got free play. Since 2002, it has officially been a national park.

In the Loonse en Drunense Duinen you can stay overnight with your camper at motorhome stopover De Schaapskooi.

Netherlands motorhome tour nature

- In the Loonse and Drunense Dunes, take a lovely autumn walk!

Hoge Kempen National Park

The Belgian Hoge Kempen National Park also turns yellow and red in autumn. The perfect time for a nice walk from the motorhome! One of the most beautiful locations, especially in this autumn time, is the lake of Connecterra. Since 2021, this is called Terhills instead of Connecterra, in order to generate more international attention. Around October, the lake is surrounded by a forest in beautiful autumn colours. You can take a beautiful walk around the lake, where at some points you will have a wonderful view from above!

The Hoge Kempen National Park is Belgium's first and so far only national park. In 2006, it was officially declared a national park. The area was created by debris from the Ardennes that came along with the Meuse during the last ice ages. In the national park, there are a total of 9 entrance gates from where you can discover the beautiful nature.

In the vicinity of the national park, you can spend the night in Genk, among other places.

The Eifel by motorhome

In autumn, the Eifel region is bursting with colours. Time for a nice autumn hike! The nature reserve is bursting with forests and mountain slopes, but also with volcanic landscapes! The latter can be found in the Vulkaneifel, a landscape formed by volcanic activity. On an autumn walk through this area, you will come across many craters and so-called crater lakes, also known as maars. The craters were formed by gas explosions. Surrounded by a forest in autumn colours, these crater lakes stand out even more and the landscape looks even rougher.

Throughout the nature reserve, various hiking trails lead from the motor home sites. There are hiking trails of various distances and for both beginners and advanced hikers. This makes it the perfect area for an autumn hike during your campervan trip!

In the Eifel you can spend the night at Wohnmobil Hafen am Nationalpark Eifel.

French Pyrenees

The French Pyrenees are perfect for a brisk autumn walk from the motor home. You will enjoy every second of the beautiful colours during your walk. There are various (marked) walks through the area. You can choose to climb one of the many mountain peaks or to walk towards a mountain lake for a break with a beautiful view of the autumn landscape. The Suyen Lake, among others, is highly recommended; here you will find a beautiful waterfall and a shepherd's hut.

The mountain passes have a rich history. In the past, they were used extensively by smugglers and refugees, for example. The mountain range was also created about 50 million years ago when the Iberian Peninsula collided with Europe. This history makes your walk through the area even more impressive!

You can spend the night at Les Cabannes campervan park.

motorhome trip autumn
- The French Pyrenees have a rich history. 

Snowdonia National Park

Wales has a rugged looking landscape of its own, and in the autumn months this is only enhanced by the beautiful autumn colours! This makes it the ideal location for a fine autumn walk on your campervan holiday. Expect plenty of mountains, hills, British villages and impressive lakes. In some places you can even spot a waterfall! There are several information centres in the national park. From here, there are always several walks for different levels. The highest peak of the area (and of Wales) is Mount Snowdon. The top lies at 1085 metres. A walk to and from the top takes about 7 to 8 hours. You can also choose to go up by train.

As well as having the highest peak in Wales, the national park is also the oldest national park - it has been officially declared a national park since 1951 - and is home to Britain's largest lake, Bala Lake. The area is also rich in agriculture. You will often hear that you meet more sheep than people here on your autumn walks.

You will spend the night in the national park by motorhome at Riverside Guest House in Abergynolwyn.

Autumn motorhome
- In the Snowdonia National Park, you have beautiful waterfalls.

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