Frequently asked questions

Where can I download the Camperstop-App?

You can easily download the Camperstop-App from the Google Play Store (Android users) or the iOS Appstore (Apple users).

Can I try the Camperstop-App for free?

Camperstop understands of course that before you decide to purchase a license, you want to try out the Camperstop-App. That's why Camperstop-App offers you a one-time FREE 7 day trial license.

How much does it cost to use the Camperstop-App?

Using the Camperstop-App will cost you only € 5.49 / year.

How can I purchase a license for the Camperstop-App?

After downloading the Camperstop-App you can go to menu item: MANAGEMENT > PURCHASE LICENSE > PURCHASE LICENSE CAMPERSTOP-APP > BUY NOW.

I bought a licence but it is not activated automatically?


Didn't this lead to the solution? Please contact the Camperstop-Support team (info@camperstop.com), we will solve this for you as soon as possible!

How do I cancel a subscription?

If you use an Android Device, please click here!

If you use a iOS-Apple Device, please click here!
Can I use the Camperstop-App on a computer/laptop?

The Camperstop-App can be used on a smartphone and tablet, but not on a computer or laptop. On these devices, please use our website www.camperstop.com.

Can I use one license on multiple devices?

It is possible to use one licence on multiple devices, however, you must be logged in on all devices with the same iOS or Google Play account. Only then can the licence be synchronised.

Do you meet the above requirement but this does not happen automatically? In order to synchronise the licence, you will need to restore your purchase on the device (which is not yet working) via menu item: MANAGEMENT > BUY LICENSE > BUY LICENSE CAMPERSTOP APP > RESTORE PURCHASE.

Do you use a promotional code which entitles you to use the Camperstop-App FREE of charge? Then you can login on max. 2 devices to use the license.

Does a purchased licence renew automatically?

Yes, the licence renews automatically. This way you will never be faced with any surprises along the way. Of course, you can stop the subscription anytime you’d like.

I paid for a license, but I still see adverts on my screen.

Adverts are turned on by default, also when purchasing a license. It is possible to turn the adverts off easily. Click on MANAGEMENT > SETTINGS > RECOMMENDED STOPS. By moving the button to the left you are able to turn adverts
off. You can change this back later on.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Please note, it is not necessary to log in within the Camperstop-App to be able to make use of it.

However, you have the option to log in so you can synchronize your Camperstop.com-account. If you forgot your Camperstop.com-password please reset your password on https://camperstop.com/en/sign-up-login.

I have received a promotional code, how can I activate it?

To activate your free yearlicense please follow the instructions below:

1. Please go to the website www.camperstop.com/app
2. Fill in the promotional code which you find on page 9 of the motorhomeguide Camperstop Europe + your name, email and choose a password (please notice; password are case sensitive)
3. As soon as you fill in a valid promotionalcode, the activate-button will appear. Please click on this button when you filled in all the required fields.
4. You receive a confirmation by email when you created your account succesfully
5. Download the Camperstop-App or make sure you have the latest version of the Camperstop-App.
6. Open the Camperstop-App. When a pop-up message is shown please click on [NO, not at the moment]
7. Click on menu-item Management
Click on License motorhome guide
Please fill in your accountdetails, you created earlier.
10. You will see a pop-up message that says your account is activated succesfully
11. Enjoy the Camperstop-App!

I have a question that is not answered on this page. what now?

Then of course you can always contact the Camperstop support team. You can reach them by sending an e-mail to info@camperstop.com.