Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I download the Camperstop-App?

You can download the Camperstop-App from the Google Play Store (Android) or iOS Appstore (Apple). 

On which devices can the Camperstop-App be downloaded?

The Camperstop-App can be downloaded on all Android & iOS (Apple) devices, both smartphones and tablets. Note: with older versions of the operating system, it may occur that certain functionalities of the Camperstop-App do not work / work less. Camperstop advises to use min. Android version 8.0 for iOS Apple is minimal 10.0.

What does it cost to use the Camperstop-App per year?

Use of the Camperstop-App costs you only € 5.99 / year. By purchasing the Camperstop Europe motorhome guide you can use the Camperstop-App for free for one year.

Can I try the Camperstop-App first before buying a licence?

The first time you download the Camperstop-App you will receive a 7 day trial license. You can then test and try the Camperstop-App without any obligations. After these 7 days you have the possibility to buy the license.

How long can I use the trial licence?

The trial licence runs for 7 days from the time of download. It is therefore not considered how often it is used in the 7 days.

Is the trial licence of the Camperstop-App the same as the paid licence?
In general, the trial licence is the same as the paid licence. It is not possible to download maps for offline use during the 7-day trial licence.
Do I need to have a licence to use the Camperstop-App?
You can try the Camperstop-App for free for 7 days. After this period you need a paid license or a promotion code for free use of the Camperstop-App.
How do I buy the Camperstop-App licence?
After downloading the Camperstop-App you can buy the licence via menu item: MANAGEMENT > PURCHASE LICENSE > PURCHASE LICENSE CAMPERSTOP-APP > BUY NOW.
How do I cancel the subscription?

Follow the instructions on the web pages below to cancel the subscription.

If you are using an Android device, click here.

If you are using an iOS-Apple device, click here.

I purchased the licence of the Camperstop-App, how can I see until when it is valid?
Within the Camperstop-App you can see until what date your current license is valid. You can do this by clicking on ACCOUNT in the main menu item: MANAGEMENT. Under ' Your current version' you can see until when your license is valid.
What happens after the expiry date of the Camperstop-App licence?
If you have a paid license, it will continue automatically, so your subscription will be extended with one year. This avoids surprises on the road and you can continue to use the Camperstop-App undisturbed. If you want to stop the license, you have to do this yourself via the Google Play store or iOS Appstore. The license will always continue until the end of the period. If you have used a promotional code, the license will automatically stop at the end of the period.
Does a purchased licence renew automatically?

Yes, the licence you take out renews automatically. So there will never be any surprises along the way. Of course, the licence can be terminated immediately after closing (opening of starting?) it, but this will not affect the validity of the licence for the remaining period.

Can I use the same licence on several devices at the same time?

It is possible to use a licence on multiple devices, but you must be logged in on all devices with the same iOS or Google Play account. Only then can the licence be synchronised.

I cannot synchronise my licence on my second device, what can I do?

Are you logged in with the same iOS or Google Play account but is the synchronisation not happening automatically? To synchronize the license, you need to restore the purchase on the device (which is not working yet) via menu item: 


Are you using a promotional code which entitles you to FREE use of the Camperstop-App? Then you can log in on max. 2 devices to use the license.

How do I see which licence I have at the moment?
You can do this via the main menu item: MANAGEMENT by clicking on ACCOUNT. Under 'Your current version' you can see which licence you have at the moment.
I have received a promotion code, how can I activate it?

To activate a Camperstop-App promotional code, please follow the steps below:

1. On a computer, go to the website: www.camperstop.com/en/app
2. Under the heading Activate promotional code here, enter the promotion code as well as your name, e-mail address and choose a password.
3. Click on the Submit button as soon as you have entered all the details.
4. Download the Camperstop-App on a phone and/or tablet and open it. Possible notifications to purchase/renew a license can be easily clicked away by answering with [Not yet].
5. Click on Menu item: MANAGEMENT
7. Enter the account details (e-mail address + password) that you just created in step 2.
8. You will see a message that the license is activated and you can use the Camperstop-App.
9. Have a lot of (travel) fun with the Camperstop-App.

Are there any differences between the free annual licence that I receive after purchasing a Camperstop Europe motorhome guide and the paid licence of €5.99?
No, these are 100% identical to each other.
How do I create a Camperstop.com account?

To create a Camperstop.com account, go to www.camperstop.com/en/sign-up-login. Fill in your email address and click on 'create new account'. Follow the instructions that appear.

How do I log in to the Camperstop-App?

To use the Camperstop-App it is not necessary to log in. It is however possible to synchronize your Camperstop.com account with your Camperstop-App license. You can do this by clicking on 'ACCOUNT' under the main menu item MANAGEMENT. Here you log in under the heading 'CAMPERSTOP.COM'.

I forgot my password, what now?
It is possible to reset your password by going to www.camperstop.com/en/sign-up-login and clicking on 'Forgot your password?' Follow the instructions that appear on screen. Note: it is possible to continue using the Camperstop-App without an account.
Can I use the Camperstop-App without creating an account?
Yes, the Camperstop-App can also be used without an account.
Why don't I receive an email from Camperstop.com after creating an account?
If you have not received an email from Camperstop.com within a few minutes, we advise you to look in the SPAM-folder of your inbox. It is possible that these mails end up there by mistake. You did not receive anything from Camperstop.com either? Please contact the helpdesk via info@camperstop.com.
What are the main differences between the Camperstop-App and the Camperstop.com website?
The Camperstop-App is optimized for the use on smartphones and tablets. Camperstop.com is optimized for use on desktop/laptop. Where the Camperstop-App can be used offline, Camperstop.com is not.
How do I make sure I always have the latest version of the Camperstop-App?
Camperstop advises users to always use the latest version of the Camperstop-App. If you do not have a setting that automatically updates the apps on your device when they are available, you will have to keep an active eye on this yourself. You can do this in the Google Play Store / iOS Appstore under 'Updates'.s'.
How do I know which version of the Camperstop-App I am using on my device?
You can find this by clicking on ACCOUNT in the main menu item: MANAGEMENT. Under 'General information' you can see which app version you have.
Can I change the language within the Camperstop-App?
Yes, it is possible to change the language. You can do this by clicking on 'SETTINGS' > 'SWITCH LANGUAGE' in the main menu item MANAGEMENT.
Can you turn off the advertising at the bottom of the screen?
After the trial period it is possible to switch off advertisements. You can easily disable the display of the ''advertisements/recommended camperstops'' by clicking on MANAGEMENT > SETTINGS > RECOMMENDED STOPS in the Camperstop-App. Here you can disable this function. You can change this at any time.
Can I use the Camperstop-App on laptop/desktop?
No, that is not possible. Please use the website www.camperstop.com.
Is there a manual available for the Camperstop-App?
Yes, click here to download an extensive manual. In it, all functionalities are extensively described.

Search, find & rate camperstops

What types of camperstops are shown in the Camperstop-App?
We have divided the more than 12,000 camper stops into different types, which are marked with their own symbol. You can find these symbols under the main menu item MANAGEMENT > 'KEY TO SYMBOLS'.
Does the Camperstop-App have a search/filter function?
Yes! Click on the main menu item CAMPERSTOPS. Then click on the magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner. This will take you to the search/filter environment. Please note: remove all filters if you want to see all camperstops again on the map.
Is it possible to navigate to a camperstop from the Camperstop-App?
Yes, that is possible. On the details page of the relevant motorhome site, click on START SATNAV. This starts the navigation app (of your own choice) that you have installed on your smartphone/tablet.
When can I see the reviews I have written for a specific camperstop?
Reviews are checked before publication. This way we know for sure that no inappropriate language is published and we avoid unwanted situations. Your review is usually published the next working day. It is then also visible on www.camperstop.com.
How can I view camperstops around my current location?
If you have given the Camperstop-App access to retrieve your GPS location, you will see on the map (via main menu item: CAMPERSTOPS) a blue pin, this indicates your current location.
I would like to report a location, a photo or a change. How do I do this?
Have you come across a camperstop of which we have not yet published any information? Then you can simply inform us via main menu item: 'ADD CAMPERSTOP', fill in the data as completely as possible. Do you encounter a camperstop of which the data and/or photos are not entirely correct or are outdated? Then you can easily report this to us via the details page of the relevant camper village. Click on the buttons for ADD PHOTO or REPORT CHANGES to send us your information.
How do I save favourites?
Have you found a camperstop you'd like to save for later? Click on the respective camperstop and then on 'Add to favourites'.
Where can I find my favourites?
Favourites can be found under the main menu item; FAVOURITES.
How do I delete a camperstop I have marked as a favourite?
Have you marked a camperstop as favourite but want to remove it from your list of favourites? This can be done very easily by clicking on the green star (of the concerning camperstop) via main menu item FAVOURITES.
Can I also see the favourites I have saved on Camperstop.com in the Camperstop App?
Yes, when you are logged in with your Camperstop.com account (via menu item: MANAGEMENT > ACCOUNT) your favourites are synchronised.

Offline use

Does the Camperstop App have an offline function?
Yes, the Camperstop-App can be used offline.
How can I use the offline function?
The moment you have no internet connection, the Camperstop-App automatically switches to the offline function. You don't have to do anything for this, after downloading the maps. Via the main menu you click on DOWNLOAD MAPS, you then have the choice to download the maps, 1st photo and/or all photos per country. When you choose to download the complete data, you have to take into account that this will consume the available memory.
Will all functionalities remain the same if I use the Camperstop-App offline?
Most functions remain the same, but functions such as the weather forecast, downloading maps and reporting changes have been switched off. These functions require an internet connection.
Does the navigation function also work when I am offline?
The navigation function also works when you use the Camperstop-App offline. However, it is necessary that you have downloaded the maps from the navigation app. This is for example possible with Google Maps.
How large are the files I download?
This is very different and is displayed per country. A relatively "smaller" country logically has a smaller file size than a relatively "large" country.
Do I also have to update the maps I download?
Camperstop advises users to regularly update the maps and data they have downloaded. This way you can be sure that you are always on the road with up-to-date information. To update the information, please follow the steps below: 1. Via the main menu item DOWNLOAD MAPS, click on 'Camperstop data' > 'Update'. 2. For already downloaded maps: update by country, click on 'remove' and download again. For not yet downloaded maps: download maps from the respective country.
Where are the maps and photos stored?
You cannot see the maps separately, they are displayed automatically when you are not connected to the internet. However, you can see which maps you have downloaded. You can do this via the main menu item DOWNLOAD MAPS.
Can I save offline maps and locations on an SD card?
If your device has an SD card that is suitable for the file format used by the Camperstop-App, this is possible. This function is then visible through the main menu item DOWNLOAD MAPS. If this is not visible, the maps need to be downloaded on the device itself.
Can I delete the maps I have downloaded from my device?
Yes, this is possible. Under the main menu item: DOWNLOAD MAPS, click on the country you want to delete.

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