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 The Camperstop-App contains all motorhome stopovers from this motorhome guide, over 11,000 spread through 27 European countries. After purchasing the motorhome guide ‘Camperstop Europe 2019’, you can use all functionalities and the complete database of the Camperstop-App for one year for free. The Camperstop-App (Android and iOs) is suitable for both smartphone and tablet. 

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A must-have for every motorhomer!

The Camperstop-App contains more than 11,000 inspected motorhome stopovers through Europe! A must-have for every European motorhomer. The Camperstop-App allows you to find motorhome stopovers easily and contains up-to-date, detailed information, images and reviews from other motorhomers. Due to the detailed information and the reviews of others you know within no-time if the stop meets your requirements to stay overnight.


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