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Through the UK by motorhome

A motorhome tour of the United Kingdom is characterised by the diversity of its cultures, cities and landscapes. England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland are all so different from each other! The different languages and dialects alone make it seem as if you're travelling in a completely different world. The United Kingdom is a perfect destination for everyone, whether you're looking for nature or a city trip by motorhome!

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Capital                               London
Population                       67.33 million (2021)
Official language            English
Surface                              243,610 km2
Currency                           Pound
Total motorhomes        +250,000

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Camperstops in the UK

Townfoot Farm
The Metal Bridge, Carlisle United Kingdom - England
willow car & coach park
The Barn at Beal, Berwick-upon-Tweed United Kingdom - England
The Falkirk Wheel, Falkirk UK - Scotland
The Royal Oak, Stoke St Gregory UK - England
motorhome journey United Kingdom

Motorhome-trip through the United Kingdom

The great thing about the UK is that there is a suitable motorhome journey for everyone. Those who go for the old towns can marvel at cities such as Oxford and Edinburgh during their motorhome holiday. For a more modern touch, the cosmopolitan city of London is an absolute must. Nature lovers will also find plenty to do. The United Kingdom is bursting with national parks that are all easy to explore by motorhome. You can go cycling, take long or short walks and in some places you can canoe or climb. On a hot summer day, you can also relax on one of the many beaches. So there is always something for young and old to do during a motorhome journey in the United Kingdom!

Free camping is allowed with permission of the land owner. Don't forget to bring an adapter, you will need it in the UK to fill up with fuel. Also adjust your lights to left hand traffic when entering the country.

motorhome journey United Kingdom

Motorhome stopovers in the United Kingdom

There are 250 camperstops spread all over the United Kingdom. Whether you go to England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, or a combination of countries, there is always an official campersite nearby! A popular area to visit by motorhome in England is the Cotswolds. Between the hills you will find the most beautiful British villages. In Scotland, you can go for a nice walk in one of the national parks, for example Loch Lomond & The Trossachs or Cairngorms. Here you can marvel at the wildest lakes and hills. Wales and Northern Ireland also have plenty of camperstops in and around some of the most beautiful countryside for some great outdoor activities.

View the full range of camperstops in the United Kingdom here.

motorhome journey United Kingdom

Motorhome routes through the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom you will find several beautiful motorhome routes. In Scotland, for example, you will find the North Coast 500, a 830-kilometre round trip that starts and ends in the highlands in the town of Inverness. This route is very suitable to drive with a motorhome! On the way you will discover the most beautiful spots of the rough Scottish Highlands. Also in England you will find a beautiful route to drive with a motorhome: the Great West Way. This route will take you past some of the country's highlights, such as Windsor Castle, the castle where the British family regularly reside, and the extraordinary stone circles of Stonehenge. That way, you'll be sure not to miss any English gems during your motorhome journey of the UK! You can also easily create your own route, for example along the English coastline where you'll find several campervan parks. Or travel from the North of England to the South of Scotland: the possibilities are endless!