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Through Holland by motorhome

The Netherlands is ideal for a relaxing trip with the motorhome close to home. You will find many camperstops spread throughout the country, more than 810 in total. A motorhome tour of the Netherlands is therefore perfect for both long and short trips. You will always find a camperstop close to your desired destination or current location. Get a breath of fresh air on the beach, take a nice walk in the woods or spend a day in one of the many historical cities. The Netherlands may be a small country, but that does not make it any less varied during a motorhome journey!

Fijne reis!

Capital                                     Amsterdam
Population                             17.53 million (2021)
Official language                  Dutch
Surface                                    41,850 km2
Currency                                 Euro
Total motorhomes              +144,000

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Camperstops in The Netherlands

Camperplaats Maastricht
Camping Goorzicht
Camperpark Amsterdam
Camperplaats & Jachthaven de Appelhof
Camperplaatsen Europakade
Camperplaats 't Eiland
Jachthaven Biesbosch
Camperplaats Slagharen Bembom Hoeve
Camperplaats Slagharen Bembom Hoeve
motorhome journey Netherlands

Motorhome-trip through the Netherlands

That the Netherlands, besides its bustling capital Amsterdam and endless tulip fields, has much more to offer for a motorhome journey is surely no surprise to you! For example, drive a route with the campervan along small villages where the Dutch history is still tangible, such as the Rijp in North Holland. In many of these villages, you really have the idea of stepping into a time machine. Or get out into nature: national parks De Hoge Veluwe and De Biesbosch are perfect for walking and cycling from your motor home. Do you prefer a city trip with the campervan? Then Burgundy Maastricht is an ideal destination. This city is easily accessible from various motorhome sites by bicycle, on foot or by public transport.

motorhome journey Netherlands

Motorhome stopovers in the Netherlands

Spread throughout the Netherlands are more than 650 camperstops to find. With hundreds of motorhome stopovers, there are plenty of nice places to spend the night! Throughout the country you will find camper sites and you have a wide choice, for example, to spend the night at a farmer's or in a cosy marina where the boats come and go. Or you can stay at fine locations near worthwhile cities or at the beach so that you can take a dip in the water in no time! In addition, there are plenty of possibilities to spend the night in nature. Around the Veluwe, for example, you will find various campervan pitches from which you can launch yourself into the nature reserve for a walk or a bike ride.

View the full range of camperstops in the Netherlands here.

motorhome journey Netherlands

Motorhome routes through the Netherlands

The Dutch cities are well-suited for a campervan tour, because a large number of them have a motorhome stopover! Thus, you can choose to drive from Groningen to Maastricht and visit the villages and/or cities in between. Or discover the beautiful cities Den Helder, Amsterdam and Rotterdam! In addition, the Dutch nature reserves are highly recommended. There are various national parks spread throughout the country. You can therefore easily make a campervan tour along these beautiful nature reserves. Be surprised by the changing landscape: from purple lavender fields and elongated forests to marshy areas and fens. Nature is never far away from the city. So you can also perfectly compose a motorhome route with plenty of variety between city and nature!