Travelling to The Netherlands
 by motorhome

Through Holland by motorhome

The Netherlands is the ideal country for taking a nice trip with your motorhome ! You will find many motorhome stopovers spread all over the country, more than 650 in total. This is why travelling through the Netherlands by motorhome is perfect for both long and short trips. You will always find a motorhome stopover close to your desired destination or current location. Get a breath of fresh air on the beach, take a nice walk in the woods or spend a day in one of the many historic cities. The Netherlands may be a small country, but this makes it no less varied.

Fijne reis!


Capital                                Amsterdam
Population                        17.28 million (2019)
Official language             Dutch
Surface                               41.543 km2
Currency                            Euro
Total motorhomes         +135,000

Motorhome stopovers in Holland

A small country with a lot to offer. Experience the Burgundian hospitality in Brabant, take a beach walk on the Dutch coast, cycle along the Veluwe or go on the cultural tour.

Choose from over 650 motorhome stops across the country.

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Motorhome-trip through 
The Netherlands

The fact that the Netherlands has many to offer next to its bustling capital city Amsterdam and the endless tulip fields must be no surprise to you! For example, you can take a route with your motorhome past small villages where Dutch history is still very much noticeable, such as de Rijp in Noord-Holland. In many of these villages you really have the idea that you stepped into a time machine. Or go out into nature: National parks De Hoge Veluwe and the Biesbosch are perfect for hiking and cycling from your motorhome. Would you rather go on a citytrip with your motorhome? Then Burgundian Maastricht might be an ideal destination. This city is easy to reach by bike, on foot or public transport from various motorhome stopovers.

Watersportcentrum Tacozijl Lemmer Netherlands
Campestops Netherlands tulip field

Motorhome stopovers in Holland

There are more than 650 motorhome stopovers spread throughout the Netherlands. Wild camping / spending the night with your motorhome in the wild is not allowed in the Netherlands. But with hundreds of motorhome stopovers, there are plenty of places to stay! You will find motorhome stopovers throughout the country and you have a wide choice of places to stay, for example at a farm, you can stay with your motorhome at nice locations near beautiful cities or by the water in a peaceful environment!