Travelling to Switzerland by motorhome

Through Switzerland by motorhome

Switzerland has it all: beautiful mountains to marvel at on a hike, photogenic cities that will amaze you and blue mountain lakes to plunge into on a warm summer day. The rural village sin the valleys that you encounter during your motorhome trip bring out the real Swiss feeling in you. A country with plenty of entertainment for everyone, so grab your motorhome and travel to beautiful Switserland!


Gute reise! Bon voyage ! Buon viaggio! 


Capital                         Bern
Population                  8.57 million (2019)
Official language      German, French, Italian, Romansh
Surface                        41.285 km2
Currency                     Swiss Franc (CHF)
Total motorhomes  +60,000

Motorhome stopovers in Switzerland

A well-known country for all wintersports enthusiasts, but relatively unknown to most motorhomers. That is why it is definitely worth discovering this country with lots of stunning nature.. 

 Click here to explore Switzerland

Click here to explore Switzerland.


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Camperstops in Switzerland

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Motorhome-trip through Switzerland

One of the most beautiful regions to discover with a motorhome in Switzerland is the Bernese Oberland. This region is exactly what you would expect when you think of a motorhome trip through Switzerland. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains you drive past idyllic villages and encounter the most beautiful lakes and waterfalls. You may know the Valais region from the famous Glacier Express, and this region is the home of the famous mountain the Matterhorn. For the most beautiful view of the mountain you drive your motorhome to Zermatt, a typical and characteristic Swiss village. Something that will always stand out during your motorhome trip through Switzerland is the perfect combination of nature and city, which makes it a pleasant motorhome destination.

Camperstop Leuk Switzerland
Luzern Switzerland Lake Motorhomes

Motorhome stopovers in Switzerland

For those who are looking for a combination of mountain hiking, city and relaxing by a lake, Interlaken, located in the valley, is the perfect destination. Here you will find several motorhome stopovers which are perfect for taking beautiful mountain hikes from here and then taking a refreshing din in the Thunersee or the Brienzersee. It is also close to the Regional Nature Park Thal and you can find a mix between the nicest Swiss towns and the green nature. This is also the case in the industrial town of Moutier, to the west of the nature park. 

Additional tips for your trip to Switzerland

In Switzerland you pay toll per period. After you have paid, stick a vignette on the windscreen. You pay the toll at the border or via the app ‘App Via’ of Swiss customs. Don’t forget to bring a warning triangle and a first aid kit with you during your trip through Switzerland.