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Through Sweden by motorhome

Sweden is a perfect country for a motorhome road trip through overwhelming nature as you watch the lakes and forests glide by, with the occasional moose in the landscape. Along the way, you're sure to spot Sweden's stugas, the typical red houses, from the comfort of your motorhome. Be prepared for a varied motorhome journey of Sweden, and don't forget to taste the delicious Swedish fish!

Ha en trevlig resa!

Capital                              Stockholm
Population                      10.49 million (2022)
Official language           Swedish
Surface                             528,447 km2
Currency                          Swedish Krone (SEK)
Motorhomes                  +108,000

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Camperstops in Sweden

Hörviks gästhamn
Ställplats Bananpannkakan Höganäs
Bua Hamn
motorhome journey Sweden

Motorhome-trip through Sweden

A motorhome tour of Sweden is characterised by its vast lakes, its forests, its many moose and its Swedish design. All this makes it a diverse country for a motorhome journey with something for everyone! In the north of the country, with a bit of luck, you can admire the northern lights from your motorhome or go on a husky sled ride. In the south of the country, you can enjoy a walk in the forest and a swim in one of the many lakes. You can also be active during your campervan trip in different parts of the country: cycling, hiking, canoeing, rafting, it's all possible in Sweden! But of course you can also admire the beautiful nature from your campervan or from under the awning.

Free camping is allowed in Sweden. Always ask a landowner for permission if there is one.

motorhome journey Sweden

Motorhome stopovers in Sweden

With more than 430 camperstops, Sweden is the country to go on a tour with a motorhome. Especially in the south of the country, there are many campervan sites, but also in the north you can easily move around with a motorhome. The capital Stockholm, for example, is a good place to travel by motorhome. The city's sights are best discovered on foot or by bicycle. Especially the latter is a well-known means of transport in Stockholm! So be sure to take the bikes along on your motorhome trip. For those who like to discover the real Swedish nature, there are many motorhome stopovers around Lake Vänern, Sweden's largest lake. Scattered over the rest of the country are camperstops at the most beautiful places in nature, allowing you to discover it in all its splendour!

View the full range of camperstops in Sweden here.

motorhome journey Sweden

Motorhome routes through Sweden

The Wilderness Way, Vildmarksvägen in Swedish, is one of the most beautiful motorhome routes through Sweden. This 500-kilometre route takes you through the rugged Swedish countryside in a motorhome. You have a good chance of spotting a brown bear here during your motorhome trip, as this is the most densely populated brown bear area in the country! Please note that the motorhome route is only accessible between June and October. On this motorhome route, you can stop frequently for a walk in Sweden's beautiful forested area! The Swedish coastal area of Bohuslän is also a good place for a motorhome tour. The area stretches from Gothenburg to the Norwegian border and is perfect for those who like the flatter Swedish countryside on their campervan tour. Expect plenty of iconic coastal towns, pine forests and beautiful lakes and beaches to take a dip in.