Travelling to Sweden by motorhome

Through Sweden by motorhome

Sweden is the perfect country for a roadtrip by motorhome through the amazing nature while you see the lakes and woods get by, with sometimes a moose in the landscape. On the way you will definitely see Swedish stuga’s, the typical red houses. Make yourself up for a diversified motorhome trip through Sweden, and don’t forget to taste the delicious Swedish fish!

Ha en trevlig resa!


Capital                         Stockholm
Population                 10.23 million (2019) 
Official language      Swedish
Surface                        450.295 km2
Currency                     Swedish Krone (SEK)
Motorhomes             +100,000

Camperstops in Sweden

More and more motorhomers are discovering the beauty of Sweden with the motorhome. Spending the night in the great outdoors or on a beautifully landscaped motorhome stopovers in Sweden it is all possible.

Click here to go exploring in Sweden

Click here to go exploring in Sweden.


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Camperstops in Sweden

Limhamns Småbåtshamn, Limhamn Sweden
Camperstop Jävrebyn Sweden
Ystads Marina, Ystad Sweden
Camperstop Svinö, Kalmar Sweden
Grönhögens hamn, Grönhögen Sweden
Camperstop Lundåkrahamnen, Landskrona Sweden
Camperstop-App Andorid
Camperstop-App iOs

Motorhome trip through Sweden

A motorhome trip through Sweden features itself especially because of the vast lakes, the woods, lots of moose and the Swedish design. All of this makes it a diverse country with something to offer for everyone! In the north of the country you can admire the northern lights with a little bit of luck, or you can make a husky sled ride. More towards the south of the country you can enjoy a lovely walk in the woods and take a dive afterwards in one of the many lakes. Throughout the country you can do various activities during your motorhome trip in Sweden: cycling, hiking, canoeing, rafting, it’s all possible in Sweden! But of course you can also admire the beautiful nature from the motorhome itself.

Camperstop Amal Sweden
Lyrestad Ställplats för husbilar

Motorhome stopovers in Sweden

With over 270 camperstops, Sweden is the country to make a roundtrip by motorhome. Especially in the south of the country you’ll find a lot of camperstops, but in the north you can also move easily by motorhome. It’s easy to visit the capital Stockholm by motorhome. There are also a lot of places around the Vänernlake, the largest lake of Sweden, for who would like to explore the real Swedish nature. Spread all over the country are stops at the most beautiful places in nature, so you can discover it in all its splendour. 


Extra tips for your trip through Sweden

In Sweden it is permitted to camp freely in the countryside. If there is a landowner, it is always nice to ask permission if that is possible. Along the road and in car parks you may stay for a maximum of 24 hours. Please also note that LPG is limited in Sweden and that you must have a warning triangle in the motorhome.