Through Spain by motorhome

Through Spain by motorhome

When thinking of a motorhome trip through Spain you immediately think of sun, beach, sangria and delicious tapas! Beach lovers can spend hours looking at the most beautiful beaches from the north to the south of the country! The green north is perfect for the motorhomer who likes to be in nature and maybe even wants to take piece of the famous Camino de Santiago. Travelling through Spain is also suited for wine lovers, with regions to discover like the Rioja! In short: In Spain, everyone can have a good time!

¡Buen viaje!


Capital                         Madrid
Population                 46.94 million (2019)
Official language      Spanish
Surface                        505.992 km2
Currency                     Euro
Total motorhomes   +30.000

Motorhome stopovers in Spain

A versatile country that is very easy to discover with the motorhome. Drive your motorhome or campervan along the Costa del Sol or through the breathtakingly beautiful interior. Spain has a lot to offer for everyone. Choose from nearly 700 different camperstops across the country.

 Click here to explore Spain.

Click here to explore Spain.


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Camperstops in Spain

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Area Massis del Montgri Bellcaire d'Emporda Spain
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Valencia Camper Park Valencia Spain
Camper Sierra Madrid
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Motorhome-trip through Spain

Spain has many beautiful cities to discover by motorhome, each with its own character. For example the capital city Madrid, which really feels like a metropolis! Or take Barcelona, which despite the size of the city feels Mediterranean and is of course the centre of artist Gaudí and is located right near the beach. Both cities are nice to discover by motorhome and you can find several motorhome stopovers at a short distance from the centre. Do you like to walk during your motorhome trip in Spain? Then visit the beautiful nature that Spain also has to offer, such as the spectacular mountains in Parque Nacional de Los Picos de Europa or the desert-like Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada. And of course we shouldn’t forget the costas, where you can enjoy the Spanish sun with a tasty glass of Sangria in your hand in front of your own motorhome!

Restaurant Can Pau Cantallops Spain
Camperstops Spain

Motorhome-trip through Spain

The country is full of beautiful motorhome stopovers. For example, take motorhome stopover Playa de San Juan in Alicante, where you are located at a few minutes walk from the beach, or go to the beach near Málaga from motorhome stopover Area Malaga Beach. The north of Spain is also beautiful to discover by motorhome. Here, for example, you are surrounded by nature in the Parque Nacional de Los Picos de Europa at the motorhome stopover of the same name. Inland there are not as many motorhome stopovers to be found in comparison to the costas, but with the help of the Camperstop App or motorhome guides you will quickly find a motorhome stopover here as well!

Additional tips for your trip to Spain

You are required to have a warning triangle and reflective safety vests with you during your motorhome trip through Spain. Also, gas bottles are often not filled when they were not bought in Spain, so it is advisable to check where you can buy them before your trip.