Travelling to Slovenia by motorhome

Through Slovenia
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During your motorhome trip through Slovenia, you will not be disappointed. The capital city Ljubljana is a vibrant student city and is one of the smallest capitals in Europe, which ensures an authentic and cozy atmosphere. Also, the nature with many lakes, caves and forests calls for you to be discovered during your trip through Slovenia. Sometimes, nature even looks almost fairytale-like here! Due to the short distances but many sights and recommended destinations, Slovenia is a perfect country to discover with your motorhome.

Lepo potovanje!


Capital                               Ljubljana
Population                       2.08 million (2019)
Official language            Slovene
Surface                              20.273 km2
Currency                           Euro
Total motorhomes        +5,000

Motorhome stopovers in Slovenia

 A country that is increasingly emerging as a real motorhome-friendly country. Are you a wine lover? You may not expect it immediately, but Slovenians produce lots of tasty wines.
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Terme Ptuj Slovenia
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Motorhome-trip through Slovenia

Slovenia has a varied nature with many caves, lakes and forests. But this country also has many beautiful old towns such as Ptuj. For the most beautiful nature, you can take your motorhome to the fairytale-like lake of Bled or go to one of the many other nature reserves in the country. For wine lovers, the Podravska wine region, located at the Hungarian and Croation borders, is highly recommended to visit during your motorhome trip through Slovenia. This is the oldest ánd largest wine region in the country. Because of the variety of activities in the nature and the towns, each with its own character, this is a perfect country for a motorhome trip for young and old.

Camperstop Ivanna Gorica Slovenia
Camperstop Lake Bled Slovenia

Motorhome stopovers in Slovenia

With over 130 motorhome stopovers spread across the country, Slovenia is a perfect destination for a motorhome trip. You can find a lot of motorhome stopovers in the middle of the country, including near the capital city Ljubljana. When staying at one of these motorhome stopovers, you can be in the bustling centre of the city in no time. But there are also plenty of motorhome stopovers in nature, such as at the famous lake of Bled and a on the edge of the Triglav National Park. Because of the short distances, you can already see a lot of the country within a week. But if you want to take longer to discover Slovenia that is of course also possible, there are plenty of motorhome stopovers with nice and comfortable facilities for a longer stay.

Additional tips for your trip to Slovenia

A toll vignette is compulsory in Slovenia on motorways and highways. This can be purchased at petrol stations in the country and at the petrol stations at the borders in the neighboring countries of Slovenia. Please note that LPG is only available on a limited basis and that a warning triangle, first-aid kit, safety vest and spare lamps are mandatory to bring with you in your motorhome. Winter tires or snow chains are also mandatory from November 15 till March 15.