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Through Norway by motorhome

Norway is the perfect country for exploring with a motorhome due to its landscape and the good distribution of motorhome stopovers. Whether you go on a road trip with your campervan and enjoy the breathtaking landscapes along the way, or get off here and there for a walk along the glaciers, Norway's nature can be admired in many different ways. Norway also has many beautiful and worthwhile cities, such as Oslo and Bergen, where you can (literally) taste the Norwegian culture. These cities are also great to visit with a campervan!

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Capital                            Oslo
Population                    5.46 million (2022)
Official language         Norwegian
Surface                           385,207 km2
Currency                        Norwegian Krone (NOK)
Motorhomes                +55,000

Driving regulations Norway
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Camperstops in Norway

Villmarkseventyret bobilparkering
Hovden Halsa
Kjerknesvågen Kai
Kristiansund Småbåtlag
Rondane Haukliseter Fjellhotell
Hennes Bobilparking
motorhome journey Norway

Motorhome-trip through Norway

A motorhome tour of Norway is special, to say the least. At various locations, the famous Northern Lights can be seen from the motorhome, a wonderful spectacle. The town of Tromsø, among others, is known for this. The many national parks are also waiting to be discovered on a hike along the dazzling glaciers and lakes. In the summer, the country is also perfect for exploring by bike from your motorhome. The Rallarvegen is called one of the most beautiful cycling paths in the country and leads you past wild waterfalls. In short, there is something for every nature lover during a motorhome holiday in Norway!

In Norway you can park freely for 3 nights in a row if it's not fenced in countryside and there is no residential property within 100 metres. Please note that LPG is harder to come by outside Oslo and a warning triangle is mandatory in Norway during your motorhome trip.

motorhome journey Norway

Motorhome stopovers in Norway

With nearly 370 motorhome stopovers distributed from north to south, there is always a campervan site relatively near your desired destination or current location. In the centre of the country, the distances may be greater, but the beautiful and relaxing views more than make up for this. You will sometimes feel as if you are the only one in the world during your motorhome trip, for example if you stand on top of a glacier during a walk from the campervan. In the south of the country, you will find most of the camper places, for example around the capital Oslo, but also close to the Folgefonna National Park. Here you can enjoy hiking in the most dramatic landscapes. Another special experience: spending the night in a motorhome at the northernmost point of the country (and of mainland Europe), Nordkapp!

View the full range of camperstops in Norway here.

motorhome journey Norway

Motorhome routes through Norway

In Norway, you have plenty of choice of beautiful motorhome routes. The Trollstigen route, for instance, is a real gem to drive by motorhome! In 106 kilometres you'll pass the most beautiful fjords, waterfalls and other typical Norwegian nature in the west of the country! And who knows, you might even spot a troll from your motorhome... The Sognefjellweg is another motorhome route that takes in some of the country's most beautiful locations. This route is 248 kilometres long and is the highest road in Northern Europe. From the motorhome, you can admire the most beautiful glaciers and lakes and take regular walks through the Norwegian landscape. A lot of impressive Norwegian destinations will give you even more inspiration to create your own motorhome route. Think about the impressive nature reserve Jotunheimen National Park, the short motorhome route The Atlantic Road and the most beautiful fjords for your bucket list.