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Through Italy by motorhome

Italy has a rich history, including the creation of the Roman Empire and in the 15th century the influential Medici. This is reflected in the cities during a motorhome journey through the country: ancient Rome, the canals of Venice, the beautiful architecture in Florence, and then we haven't even mentioned everything! But also nature is one of Italy's main attractions and should not be missed on a campervan tour of the country. Take for example the immense blue Lake Garda, the peaks of the Dolomites or the spectacular Amalfi Coast, but even then not all the beautiful spots have been mentioned yet. Both the Italian cities and the countryside are perfect to explore by campervan, and you will find many campervan parks along the way.

‘Buon viaggio!’

Capital                                Rome
Population                        59.11 milion (2021)
Official language             Italian
Surface                               302,073 km2
Currency                            Euro
Total motorhomes          +240,000

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Camperstops in Italy

Castagnaro Parking
Lilybeo Village
Parking Conca D'Oro
Area Sosta Monzambano
Camperstellplatz Schneeburghof
Camping Sole Langhe
motorhome tour through Italy

Motorhome-trip through Italy

Italy has enough beautiful locations to enjoy the Italian sun during a motorhome tour. Take a dip in one of the many lakes in the north, of which Lake Garda is the best known. Around the lakes, you'll find a huge number of campervan pitches and campsites. From these campervan sites, you are the first to lay down your towel on the beach or take a refreshing dive in the water in the morning. Also a motorhome route along the big cities, each with its own history and character, is perfect to do with the camper. Every region has its own specialties. Therefore, don't forget to buy some goodies at local shops to enjoy in the evening at the campervan at one of the many campervan pitches!

motorhome tour through Italy

Motorhome stopovers in Italy

Especially in Northern and Central Italy, the choice of motor home sites is huge. But also the south of Italy is very well accessible by motorhome. In total there are over 1250 motorhome sites throughout the country, ideal if you want to discover the entire country by motorhome! Around the Dolomites, there are several motorhome sites, including Piz Sella. This overnight destination is beautifully situated at the foot of a mountain. The rugged Apennines or the elongated Lake Garda are also worth visiting during your campervan trip through Italy! In and around most big cities you will also find enough motorhome sites so that you don't have to skip the cities during your campervan tour in Italy.

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motorhome tour through Italy

Motorhome routes through Italy

Italy is a perfect country for planning a long route with a motorhome. You can choose a campervan route through the rugged north of the country. Highlights include Lake Garda and Verona. Or travel from north to south with this two-part motorhome route.  Part 1 takes you from Milan to San Marino. In part 2 you travel further via Florence to Bari. In Italy, city and nature are just a stone's throw away from each other, making it an ideal destination if you want to combine the two on a campervan trip! You can easily combine the most beautiful Italian cities like Florence and Pisa with a visit to the surrounding nature or the coast.