Travelling to Greece by motorhome

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Through Greece by motorhome

It's not exactly around the corner, but Greece is fantastic to discover by campervan! Hardly anywhere in Europe do you imagine yourself in another world during a motorhome journey as in Greece. Just think of the delicious food such as souvlaki, moussaka, and of course the Greek drink ouzo. But apart from a delicious cuisine, the country also has beautiful nature areas to offer during your campervan trip, not to mention the rich Greek history with many antiquities! The numerous white characteristic villages will quickly catch your eye during your motorhome journey in Greece. They are all worth a stop!

Καλό ταξίδι!

Capital                              Athens
Population                      10.64 million (2021)
Offical language            Greek
Surface                             131,957 km2
Currency                          Euro

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Camperstops in Greece

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Limnionas Beach
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Motorhome-trip through Greece

The Epirus region is one of the better known regions in Greece to discover with a motorhome. And with good reason: Epirus is a beautiful mountainous region and is also very accessible with almost any campervan. There are many mountain villages that all have their own character and for the more active there is plenty to do. Think for example of rafting in the river or a long walk through the beautiful nature. But don't worry if the mountains are not for you: in the part by the Ionian Sea, there are plenty of fine beaches and seaside resorts to relax on during your campervan tour of Greece. Peloponnese is also an ideal region to discover by motor home. This region is very diverse: wine regions alternate with mountains and sea, followed by towns with Greek excavations and a very rich history. You will never get bored here.

A fire extinguisher, warning triangle and first aid kit are compulsory to take along during your motorhome journey through Greece.

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Motorhome stopovers in Greece

There are almost 170 camperstops throughout Greece, most of which are in the regions of Epirus and Peloponnese. For those who go for nature, there are several RV parks in the Tzoumerka National Park, including RV park Pramenta. The area is home to various mountains, forests and gorges and there is a variety of flora and fauna to spot. If you prefer the beach during your campervan trip through Greece, the Peloponnese coast is the place to be. One of the most beautiful beaches here is Voidokilia beach, located near the camperstop. And of course, around the capital Athens there are several RV parks from where you can explore the Greek antiquities that the city is rich in. 

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Motorhome routes through Greece

In Greece, there are several beautiful locations that lend themselves well for a motorhome journey. Not only the mainland is suitable for a campervan route, also the islands are recommended! During a campervan tour on the island of Corfu, you'll travel along the bright blue sea and the green mountains pass you by. You will also climb the highest point on the island, the Pantokrator. The Peloponnese peninsula is also a good place for a complete motorhome itinerary, as here you will find numerous sights such as the Canal of Corinth and the wine route Nemea. On the mainland, you can also easily set up a campervan route, for example along the coastline with the historic capital Athens or the city of Volos. In Athens you can admire the imposing Acropolis and around Volos you can admire various archaeological sites. Or take a trip along the most beautiful historical sights of the country such as Olympia! This is where the Olympic Games were born.