Travelling to France by motorhome

Through France by motorhome

France is the favorite travel destination of many motorhomers. Not surprisingly, France also has something to offer for everyone. Whether you go for the rolling vineyards, you actively want to go into the varied nature or cannot wait to discover one of the many historic cities, it’s all possible in France. With more than 3000 motorhome stopovers spread across the country, that specific motorhome stopover near the most beautiful spots and sights is just around the corner!

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Capital                        Paris
Population                66.99 million (2019)
Official language     French
Surface                       643.801 km2
Currency                    Euro
Total motorhomes  +500,000

Motorhome stopovers in France

One of the largest motorhome-friendly countries of the entire world. Choose from over 3000 motorhome stops, from official motorhome sites to motorhome sites at the farm, France has it all.

Click here to go exploring in France.

Click here to go exploring in France.


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Camperstops in France

Camping Port des vosges Bulgneville France
Domaine du Haut des Bluches La Bresse France
Camperstop La Bidonnière Ardevon France
Port de Plaisance Pont-à-Mousson France
La Ferme des Aigrettes Marck France
Aire du meneyer - carantec
Camperstop-App Andorid
Camperstop-App iOs

Motorhome-trip through France

France is considered to be one of the most motorhome friendly countries in Europa, particularly due to the numerous motorhome stopovers that can be found at a short distance from the cities, sights and the French coast! A motorhome trip through France is always a good idea, and really offers something for everyone. Culturally, there a many cities and places of interest that are definitely worth a visit, for example Nantes or Orléans are great to visit with a motorhome! Would you like something completely different, a unique experience during your trip with your motorhome through France? Then France Passion is a valuable addition to your trip through France. Here you stay for free with over 2000 farmers throughout France. 

Port de Plaisance de Colmar France
Camperstop Riquewihr France

Motorhome stopovers in France

Motorhome stopovers can literally be found all over France. As a motorhome owner in France you can really decide for yourself which region you want to visit. This is mainly up to your own wished and needs when travelling. Crazy about nature? Then you cannot miss in France because you can find this in almost all parts of the country! For example, in the Pyrenees you will find many motorhome stopovers which are nice as a basis for a brisk walk, but also around the beautiful nature in the Dordogne you can find numerous motorhome stopovers. Do you prefer the sun and its famous seaside resorts that go with it? Then you’re at the right place on the entire coastline of France! You’ll also find motorhome stopovers in northern Normandy or the southern Côte d’Azur.