Travelling to Finland by motorhome

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Through Finland by motorhome

Anyone going on a campervan trip to Finland will step into a wonderful world! You can of course witness the spectacle of the Northern Lights from the comfort of your motorhome. In addition to the Northern Lights, the country is known for its countless lakes, reindeer and of course the Midsummer Night Sun, which means 24-hour daylight in summer. So plenty of reasons for a motorhome journey to Finland!

Hauskaa matkaa! Ha en trevlig resa!

Capital                            Helsinki
Population                     5.54 million (2021)
Official language         Finnish & Swedish
Surface                           338,462 km2
Currency                        Euro
Motorhomes                 +60,000

Driving regulations Finland
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Camperstops in Finland

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Motorhome journey through Finland

Motorhome-trip through Finland

On a motorhome journey through Finland, you will be able to marvel at the beautiful nature at any time. Whether you go for an active walk or from behind the motorhome window, and whether it's a forest or a city park in Helsinki: it's certainly green! If you're looking for great walks, it's best to travel with a campervan in the summer. Want to enjoy the northern lights? Then go for a campervan trip in the winter. Don't forget to visit the vibrant cities with the campervan. In addition to the capital Helsinki, the university town of Oulu is also worth a visit during your motorhome tour of Finland. In Finland you can camp for one night, unless there is a local ban. A warning triangle is obligatory to take on board the motorhome.

Motorhome journey through Finland

Motorhome stopovers in Finland

In Finland there are about 50 official camperstops. A well-known region is the unspoilt Finnish Lapland. From August to April, the beautiful northern lights can be seen here, but in the summer you can also enjoy walking in the forests or swimming in one of the many lakes. Please note that there are relatively few places for motorhomes in this region. Besides Finnish Lapland, the capital Helsinki is a real must during your campervan trip through Finland. Enjoy one of the many Finnish saunas here. In the rest of the country, the motorhome sites are spread out quite widely, so you can easily discover Finland's most beautiful nature with your campervan!

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Motorhome journey through Finland

Motorhome routes through Finland

Are you travelling by campervan in Finland? Then you want to see the northern lights. That is possible on the Northern Lights Route. This motorhome journey is 623 kilometres long and takes you through Finland, but also through Sweden and Norway. If you do this campervan route in winter, you have a good chance of spotting the northern lights! If you take a motorhome trip in the summer, you won't have the chance to see the Northern Lights, but you will be able to admire the impressive fjords and magical lakes! Finland is also perfect for a round trip by campervan, for example with Helsinki as start and end point. In the south of the country you will find plenty of lakes and the further north you travel, the more pristine the country gets!