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Through Denmark by motorhome

Denmark, of course, is known from Lego and from its history with the Vikings, traces of which can still be found in some places. But the country offers much more during your motorhome holiday! Think for example of the lively capital Copenhagen, which can easily be discovered by bike from the motorhome stopover and offers many sights. But also the rest of the country is worth discovering. For example, take the motorhome to visit one of Denmark's many beautiful nature areas. A combination of city and nature can be found on a beautiful motorhome route through the country.

God tur!

Capital                             Copenhagen
Population                     5.85 million (2021)
Official language          Danish
Surface                            42,952 km2
Currency                         Danish Krone (DKK)
Total motorhomes       +11,000

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Camperstops in Denmark

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Motorhome journey through Denmark

Motorhome-trip through Denmark

During your campervan trip through Denmark, you can do and experience a lot! Of course, a visit to the capital Copenhagen should not be missed during your motorhome journey. But the country's second city, the bustling student town of Aarhus, is also well worth a visit. Furthermore, the vast and varied nature in the country is truly breathtaking. On the coast you'll find long sandy beaches for a nice walk and inland you can relax in the forests and by the many beautiful lakes. More and more locations throughout the country are also suitable for camper vans. Denmark is, due to the relatively short distances, a perfect destination to combine nature and city in a short time during your campervan trip! Don't forget to take a warning triangle and safety jacket with you on your motorhome journey to Denmark, which are compulsory.

Motorhome journey through Denmark

Motorhome stopovers in Denmark

Denmark has some 375 camperstops, evenly distributed throughout the country, and more are being added all the time. This makes the country a perfect destination for your campervan trip! Apart from the capital Copenhagen, which can be easily visited by camper van, the country's second city Aarhus is also worth a visit on a camper van journey through Denmark! As for nature, the open area by the Wadden Sea is a must because of the many birds that live there. You can also spend the night at the camper village on the northernmost tip of Denmark: Skagen. Because the water of the two seas that come together here does not mix, it gives a beautiful view!

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Motorhome journey through Denmark

Motorhome routes through Denmark

During your campervan trip through Denmark, it is highly recommended to drive (part of) the Daisy Route. This motorhome route takes you along the most beautiful locations in Denmark. Think of the nature of the Stenbjerg Landingsplads Nationalpark Thy or Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark, where you get a glimpse of former life. This road trip has no fixed starting and finishing points and thus always fits in with your motorhome journey through beautiful Denmark. A campervan trip along the Danish coast is also recommended. Here you will find, among others, the coastal town of Skagen. This is the country's northernmost point and the special thing is that two seas meet here, something you can literally see! You can also go for a nice walk along the beach or visit the centre of the artists' town Skagen.