Travelling to Denmark by motorhome

Through Denmark by motorhome

We all know Denmark from its Lego and its history with the Vikings, of which there are still traces to be admired in some places. But the country has much more to offer! The lively capital city Copenhagen, which offers many attractions and is easy discover by bike from the motorhome stopover. But the rest of the country is also definitely worth discovering during your trip with your motorhome. For example, visit one of Denmark’s many nature areas, which you will find both on the coast and inland. Don’t forget to enjoy the delicious Scandinavian cuisine, in which many natural products are used.

God tur!


Capital                        Copenhagen
Population                5.80 million (2019)
Official language     Danish
Surface                       43.094 km2
Currency                    Danish Krone (DKK)
Total motorhomes  +10.000

Motorhome stopovers in Denmark

A small country with a lot of beautiful nature. Have you ever driven on the beach with your motorhome? No, this is possible in Denmark!

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Click here to explore Denmark.

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Camperstops in Denmark

Grønjøh Strand Camping Løkken Denmark
Hovborg A Camping Hovborg Denmark
Ballum Camping Husum-Ballum Denmark
Camp Hverringe Dalby Denmark
Lystbadenhavn Ringkøbing Denmark
P-plads pa Grenen i Skagen Denmark
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Motorhome-trip through Denmark

There are plenty of things to do and experience during your motorhome trip through Denmark! Of course, a visit to the capital city Denmark should not be missed during your trip with your motorhome! But the second city in the country, the vibrant student city of Aarhus, is also definitely worth a visit! Furthermore, the vast and varied nature in the country is really breathtaking. Down the coast you will find long sandy beaches for a nice walk, and inland you can relax in the forests and at the many beautiful lakes. You are able to use your motorhome at more and more locations throughout the country. Due to its relatively short distances, Denmark is the perfect destination when you want to combine nature and cities in a short time period during your motorhome trip!

Greena Marina Greena Denmark
Beach Denmark with the motorhome

Motorhome stopovers in Denmark

Denmark has about 375 motorhome stopovers, spread equally across the country and the number of motorhome stopovers is still increasing. This makes the country a perfect destination for your motorhome trip! Besides the capital city Copenhagen, which is easy to visit by motorhome, the second city of the country Aarhus is also nice to do by motorhome! As far as nature is concerned, the open area at the Wadden Sea is a must-see because of the many birds that live there. You can also spend the night with the motorhome on the most northern tip of Denmark: Skagen. This gives a beautiful sight, because the water of the two seas that meet here does not mix! 

Additional tips for your trip to Denmark

In Denmark, you can only stay at motorhome stopovers and campsites, except when you have permission from the owner of a private area. A warning triangle and safety vest are mandatory to take with you on your trip.