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Croatia has special historic cities, relaxed islands, beautiful nature and is especially known for its nice beaches. Here you can take a nice dip in the sea or stroll along the many picturesque harbors. Because of the many overnight locations suitable for motorhomes and the nice alternation between relaxing at the bay and active outings inland, Croatia is a perfect camping destination for both young and old!

Ugodno putovanje!


Capital                         Zagreb
Population                 4.47 million (2019)
Official language      Croatian
Surface                        56.594 km2
Currency                     Kuna (KN)
Total motorhomes   unknown

Motorhome stopovers in Croatia

Croatia is seen by many people as one of Europe's most beautiful countries! The country is increasingly visited by tourists with campers.

Enjoy the Croatian hospitality.

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Click here to explore Croatia.


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Camperstops in Croatia

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Kamp Škver Senj Croatia
Bistro Marina Korenica Croatia
Camperpark Lando Resort Rab Croatia
Camper stop Olivia, Vodice Croatia
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Motorhome-trip through Croatia

In Croatia, several regions are worth discovering by motorhome. For example, think of Dalmatia, with the Mediterranean Split as its capital city or the popular Krka waterfalls. In addition, the rest of the country’s dazzling coastline with a number of bustling cities and villages. Just driving your motorhome along the coastline of Croatia is a must in itself! The region of Istria is also popular with many motorhomers from all over Europe. Here you will find several Roman structures and you can easily visit the clear blue Plitvice Lakes. Do not forget to visit one of the many mountain villages in this region during your motorhome trip. We can say that with many different activities, you won’t get bored easily during your motorhome trip through Croatia!

Kamp Škver Senj Croatia
Dubrovnik market Croatia motorhomers

Motorhome stopovers in Croatia

The bustling capital city of Zagreb should definitely not be missed during your motorhome trip through beautiful Croatia! The smaller, but very characteristic cities such as Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik are also worth a visit. Near all these cities you can find several motorhome stopovers, from where you can discover the city and the rest of the area. If you want to stay in the middle of Croatian nature, then the Heart of Nature Camp in Ribnik, is highly recommended. In the area you can walk, cycle, visit castles and discover the beautiful nature. In Croatia you can also spend the night on various island by motorhome, such as on Cres, where you can get to by ferry. You will find hundreds of motorhome stopovers throughout the country, so you never have to search long for your next overnight location.


Additional tips for your trip to Croatia

In Croatia, almost all motorways are toll roads. The toll can be paid in cash at the toll gates. Furthermore, a reflective safety vest, first aid kit, warning triangle, set of spare lamps, and tow rope are mandatory to take with you during your motorhome trip through Croatia.