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Belgium is mainly known to foreign tourists for its beer, chocolate and Belgian fries. But of course Belgium has a lot more to offer, especially when you travel with your motorhome! Whether you go for one of the lively and historic cities or for the unspoiled nature, there a plenty of options! Go out with your motorhome, discover the versatile country at your own pace and stay at one of hundreds of motorhome stopovers that Belgium has to offer!

Fijne reis! / Bon voyage ! / Gute Reise!


Capital                                      Brussel
Population                              11.46 million (2019)
Official language                   Dutch, French & German
Surface                                     30.528 km2
Currency                                  Euro
Total motorhomes                +45,000

Motorhome stopovers in Belgium

Choose from one of the more than 200 camper stops in Belgium. Whether you love the coast or in the wooded Ardennes, you are sure to find a nice stopover. 

 Click here to go exploring in Belgium.

Click here to go exploring in Belgium.


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Camperstops in Belgium

Motorhome park Zeester Middelkerke Belgium
Camperstop Heuvelzicht Bocholt Belgium
Motorhomepark Vogelzang Antwerpen Belgium
Camperstop Sporthal Jo Baetens Lennik Belgium
P Mobilehome Le Vedeur Durbuy Wallonia Belgium
Camperstop Brugge Belgium
Camperstop-App Andorid
Camperstop-App iOs

Motorhome-trip through Belgium

Belgium has many beautiful and worth-seeing cities: the bustling capital city Brussels, with the Atomium towering above it, the student city of Ghent with its many cosy squares and atmospheric events. Both cities are easy to travel to by motor home. Do you like to stay in the middle of nature? Then you can definitely indulge yourself in Belgium! In the Ardennes you will find various possibilities to spend the night, which serve as the perfect base for lovely walking or cycling trips! The Belgian coast also offers many accommodation locations for motorhome-tourists and are great to visit all year round, whether you are looking of a breath of fresh air or just want to enjoy the sunshine. 

Camperstop Ronse Belgium
Camperstop Bocholt Belgium

Motorhome stopovers in Belgium

In Belgium you will find motorhome stopovers throughout the country. Also, in Belgium the number of motorhome stopovers has been increasing strongly in recent years. Whether you are looking for a simple place to stay with few facilities for your motorhome or you want to travel comfortable through Belgium and therefore want to have motorhome stopovers with facilities, Belgium offers something for everyone and you never have to look far.