Travelling to Austria by motorhome

Through Austria by motorhome

Austria is known for many world-famous things like perhaps the world’s most famous composer Mozard, the story of the Von Trapp family in The Sound of Music and the delicious schnitzels and apfelstrudel. These are all things you definitely shouldn’t miss during your motorhome trip through beautiful Austria! For example, drive past the idyllic villages in the midst of the mountain landscape, visit the numerous palaces in the capital city Vienna or explore the Austrian nature.

Gute Reise!


Capital                          Vienna
Population                   8.86 million (2019)
Official language       German
Surface                         83.871 km2
Currency                      Euro
Total motorhomes   +30.000

Camperstops in Austria

Not the largest country regarding motorhome facilities, but definitely worth visiting! Choose out one the 200 motorhomestopovers and enjoy this beautiful country.

Click here to explore Austria

Click here to explore Austria.


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Camperstops in Austria

Reisemobilstellplatz Wien Austria
Reisemobilstellplatz Mureck Austria
Reisemobilstellplatz Salzburg Austria
Reisemobilstellplatz Graz Austria
Stellplatz an der Stadtmauer Austria
Golling Wohnmobil-Park Aqua Salza Austria
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Motorhome-trip through Austria

The most famous region to discover during your motorhome trip in Austria might be Tyrol. This is where authentic Austria comes out best, with lot of folklore. In winter, this is a popular winter sports area, but in summer you can enjoy the many waterfalls and green valleys. Perfect for actively going out but also to enjoy the beautiful landscape from your motorhome. Also, in Austria it is certain that the trip itself is at least as beautiful as the destination. Also the Land Salzburg is a beloved destination for your trip with the motorhome, known the city Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. This region is especially loved for its many activities: hiking, biking, swimming, climbing, everything is possible here!

Wien Vienna Austria
Vissen Austria

Motorhome stopovers in Austria

With about 200 motorhome stopovers, you are at the right place in Austria! On the outskirts of the classic capital city Vienna you can take the motorhome and from here you can explore the city further at one of many museums or beautiful historic buildings. You’ll find yourself in the middle of the city centre in no time from the motorhome stopover. If you want to go out into the nature, travels for example in the direction of Seefeld in the middle of Tyrol. In winter, this is a winter sports area, bu tin summer you can take lovely walks here, suitable for all levels and ages. The town also offers plenty to do during a rest day.

Additional tips for your trip to Austria

A warning triangle and bandage kit are compulsory to have in your motorhome during your trip through Austria, and drivers wearing glasses must carry a spare pair of glasses.