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A trip around the world through Switzerland – Asia

We already knew that Switzerland is a versatile country, but that you can make a trip around the world here is new and the fun part is: this is all possible with by motorhome! The first week we showed the versatile Europe in Switzerland, last week it was Swiss North America’s turn. Part 3 is already the last part, but don’t worry before we return home we will of course visit different ‘countries’ and places: Japan, Laos and Bali! We will bring you back to the most beautiful places in Switzerland where you will undoubtedly get the idea that you are on the other side of the world!

8. Japan

The first stop in Asia is Japan, but in Ascona Switzerland! The eccentric Monte Verità complex is located in Ascona. Monte Verità started out as an alternative vegetarian community. At that time, the complex also attracted many artists and performers, who often stayed here for quite some time and created new art together. Nowadays the complex is, among other things, a museum with exhibits of the beautiful art that was made in the past. In addition to the museum, the complex has a hotel, many conference rooms and an enormous garden. In this huge garden you will also find an area that is all about tea. Japanese tea ceremonies are held here every first and third Saturday of the month, the tea culture is explained in detail and you will get the opportunity to taste different types of tea. After the ceremony, you can relax completely by taking a walk in the Zen Garden, this makes the visit to Monte Verità complete! Monte Verità is a unique complex that must be visited once in a lifetime! Near Ascona is the motorhome stopover ‘Locarno’ in Locarno.

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A worldtrip through Switzerland - Europe
- A Japanese tea ceremony in Switzerland.

9. Laos

The next stop of this world trip through Switzerland is the Onsernone Valley in the Ticino area. With a bit of imagination you can walk through the cloud forests of Laos, but without the tropical mosquitoes. How ideal is that? You can take the most beautiful walks in this beautiful and impressive area. A well-kept secret is the small cable car that goes up from Vergeletto to Zott. The enchanting Alp Salei is located at an altitude of 1700m. The walking routes here offer you the most beautiful views that you will not get enough of anyway! This is the perfect place to unwind in idyllic, untouched nature. You can stay near these villages at Camping Piccolo Paradiso.

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A worldtrip through Switzerland - Asia
- On an adventure through the hills of the forests in Laos? That is possible in the Onsernone valley.

10. Bali – Indonesia

A trip through Asia is not complete without rice fields, which can be found in Switzerland in the Muggiotal. Thanks to the ethnographic museum of Muggiotal (MEVN), the typical characteristics of this region have been preserved: the tranquillity, the beauty of a partially untouched nature and the direct contact with nature. With a little imagination you can see this unspoiled nature in the rice fields that you will also encounter in Bali. The MEVN has also maintained several historic buildings so the production of authentic local products still exists! The restored mill of Bruzella chestnut and polenta flour is still made from local dairy products: butter, cream cheese and cream. In addition, there are several walking routes which make this valley a beautiful destination. If all of this has not yet convinced you, this area has been voted in 2014 by ‘Stichting Landschapsbeheer Zwitserland’ as the most beautiful landscape of Switzerland! Near this landscape you can stay at the Cantina Cavallini farm.

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A worldtrip through Switzerland - Europe
- This world trip ends at the "rice fields" in Valle di Muggio in Ticino.

From the Italian Dolomites to the Japanese Tea Ceremony and from the American Cowboys to the Norwegian Lakes, Switzerland has it all. Yet this journey has unfortunately come to an end. Do you think there are other places in Switzerland where you can imagine yourself on the other side of the world? Then let us know! Have you missed our tour through Swiss Europe, then click here! Also (still) curious about our adventures in the Swiss ‘Wild West’? Then click here!

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