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A trip around the world through Switzerland - North-America

Each country is versatile in her own way, but Switzerland is a whole new level! This because you can make an actual trip around the world here. In three parts, we will take you on a trip through the beautiful country Switzerland, where we will visit no less than three continents. In the previous article, we showed you the continent ‘Europe’. In this part we will cross the Atlantic Ocean and let Switzerland show you her American side, let’s go!

5. The United States – Colorado

Our first stop on this trip is in Sörenberg, a mountain in the Entlebuch Biosphere reserve. Here you can imagine yourself in the wild west of Colorado! In fact: you can actually come across some Swiss cowboys here! Entlebuch is an UNESCO Biosphere reserve and consists of about 400 square meters full of peat landscapes, alpine meadows and the Schrattenfluh. The Entlebuch Biosphere reserve is a perfect place to take beautiful hikes, there is plenty to see and the area gives you a beautiful view every time. The area is a famous attraction for its tranquillity and untouched nature, but Entlebuch also offers several recreational activities such as a fairytale-path of a peat bath.

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A worldtrip through Switzerland - Europe
- The Wild West, an area around Sörenberg (Lucerne).

6. The United States – Alaska

The next stop is the Lake Lucerne, a place surrounded by rough white mountains, which gives you a beautiful serene view of the lake, but is very similar to what you encounter in Alaska! The Lucerne Lake is, just as Switzerland itself, a versatile area! One of its highlights is doing a historic radar steamboat trip across the lake. This boat trip could be perfectly combined with a hiking trip, because there are several hiking routes across the lake. They also laid paths specially for skating or cycling, so this is also an option. Would you rather take it a bit easier? There are plenty of bathing and resting places across the lake. In short: you won’t get bored here, they offer something for everyone! The camping site TSC Camping Luzern is located near Lake Lucerne.

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A worldtrip through Switzerland - Europe
- Discover the nature of Alaska up close at the winter Lake Lucerne.

7. Canada / the United States – Niagara Falls

At our last stop we visit the Rhine Waterfall in Schaffhausen, with a width of 150 meters and a length of 23 metres, this is the biggest waterfall in Europe! This actually gives you the idea of being at the Niagara Waterfalls, while being in Switzerland. A rock sticks out at the middle of the waterfall, which can be reached by boat and can be climbed. Next to the water mass, there is also a beautiful castle located, Castle Laufen. This castle serves as a visitor centre and provides information about the waterfall. A bit downstream is the motorhome site Parkplatz fischacker in Neusenhausen located. 

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A worldtrip through Switzerland - Europe
- Not the largest waterfall in the world, but the largest waterfall in Europe...

After this we travel to the beautiful Swiss Asia! Here you will find rice fields and cloud forests ánd here you will have the opportunity to visit an actual Japanese tea-ceremony! Did you miss part 1? Click here and travel with us through swiss Europe!

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