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A trip around the world through Switzerland - Europe

Switzerland is a versatile country, so versatile that it is possible to do a trip around the world here! How ideal is that? To see the world from your own well-trusted motorhome, without having to travel thousands of kilometres! In three parts, we will take you on a trip through the beautiful country Switzerland, where we will visit no less than three continents (Europe, North-America & Asia) and where we will make a total of 10 stops. In the first part of this world trip we will show you the Italian, Irish, Dutch & Norwegian sides of Switzerland! Are you ready for the trip of your life through Switzerland?

1. The Dolomites – Italy

Our first stop is at the Gastlosen in the Friborg region, where razor-sharp mountain peaks will give you the feeling that you arrived in the Italian Dolomites. In this spectacular landscape you have the opportunity to make wonderful walking and cycling trips, where you will get to see breath-taking views. Located at the foot of the Gastlosen is a barrack that originated in the Second World War, which serves as a base for hikers. You can go here for both a stay or for some food and a drink. Enjoy the beautiful view of the striking limestone rocks from the nice terrace or the beautiful landscape of Gruyère. You can reach the barrack by going to the Muserbergli, a mountain chairlift top station.

Near this area is the camping site Jaunpass, Boltigen located.

A worldtrip through Switzerland - Europe
- The highlights of the Dolomites during a walk around the Gastlosen.

2. Ireland

From ‘’Italy’’ we travel to Ireland, this country can be found in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland, in the town of Grindelwald. This Eiger village is hidden in an enormous green valley and is beautifully surrounded by a mountain backdrop of the Eiger-North Face and the Wetterhorn. In the 18th century this village attracted her first tourists, which led to it becoming a world famous destination due to her increasing popularity. The village is not only visited in the summer, but in the winter it is also a very popular winter sports resort.

In Grindelwald, you can stay at the camping site Eigernodwand.

A worldtrip through Switzerland - Europe
- In the Bernese Oberland you can enjoy the green hills of Ireland.

3. The Netherlands

From Ireland we travel to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is known worldwide for her windmills, clogs and of course the tulips. In Switzerland they also love tulips, especially in the village of Morges. Each year the Parc de l’Inpendance gets transformed into ‘the Keukenhof’ and exhibits about 120.000 tulips. The festival lasts about six weeks and starts in April. In the weekends the tulip beds are supplemented with entertainment. Furthermore, Morges is located in a beautiful wine landscape, which offers several walking an cycling routes where you can look out over fields and vineyards. Another recommendation is to take a walk through the city because the old city centre is completely car-free! This makes it perfect for shopping, visiting the market of walking across the shore promenade.

In Morges you can find a Quickstop near camping site Morges or if you want to stay a bit longer you can stay at camping site Vidy near the city Lausanne.

A worldtrip through Switzerland - Europe
- At Lake Geneva typical Dutch tulips bloom.

4. Norway

The last stop in Europe is Norway. You can find the Norwegian Fjords when you look at the view from the Emosson Dam in Wallis. This Dam was put into operation in 1972 by a company to meet the electricity needs of whole Western Switzerland. This makes this dam a very popular destination by tourists. The way up by public transport is already an experience by itself. Once you reach the top, you can also admire the dam from above by walking a dinosaur trail. On this trail, you can find several 250 million(!) years-old dinosaur footprints. There are several routes with various difficulty levels, they even have a child-friendly trail that includes some ‘games’.

The nearest camping site is Place de Repos du Peuty.

A worldtrip through Switzerland - Europe
- A Norwegian Fjord? No, this is the view from the Emosson Dam.

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