Overwinteren portugal spanje

Spend the winter in the sunny south!

While everything is turning grey and dreary at home, the sun still shines on in southern Europe. Imagine yourself in the beautiful mountainous landscapes of the Costa del Sol or the rocky beaches of the Algarve; plenty of places to go with your motorhome. One of the biggest advantages: high season is over! This allows for an even better taste of the culture and daily activities of the locals.

Travelling to southern Spain by motorhome

With an average temperature between 15 and 20 degrees on the coast, Spain is perfect for motorhome camping this winter. Since the North of Spain has chances of rain, it's probably best to travel down to the South. A good place to spend the winter months is Andalusia. The Spanish province is known for its idyllic white villages with fantastic views up and over the gigantic mountains. Prefer the coast? Explore one of the Costa's. For example, have a look in Benidorm, at the Costa Blanca, which is described as 'the Manhattan of Spain'. With its tall buildings and beautiful sandy beach, Benidorm is bustling all year round. For a quieter setting, Zahara de los Atunes is a perfect place to stay. The hidden coastal village, lying on the Costa de la Luz, is known for its fine sandy beaches, clear waters and delicious tuna.

Ronda Spanje

- Ronda: one of the many beautiful villages in Andalusia

Discover Portugal's nature

Most of the people who travel to Portugal in winter, will be found around the Algarve area, for good reasons: with an average temperature of 18 degrees it is the warmest region of Portugal this time of year. The Algarve's coastline is almost 200 kilometres long with varied sights. Think of small bays, beautiful sandy beaches and impressive cliffs. Although it is a pleasant temperature for a T-shirt, bear in mind that the sea cools down to around 12 degrees. A popular activity in the winter months is hiking through the mountains. By the way, if you do fancy some colder weather: put on your winter coat and snowshoes and visit the snowy peaks of Serra da Estrela. The mountain range is known for its huge rock formations of various shapes and colours. These mountains are located more inland however, which means that it will take you some time to reach the beautiful place.

Sao Rafael Algarve

- Sao Rafael Beach: One of the many sandy beaches in the Algarve

The best of both worlds

What is the most logical route if you feel like combining Spain and Portugal into one trip? One example is to start at Benidorm and head along the coast to the southernmost tip of Spain. There lies the village of Tarifa; from which you can already see Morocco. From here, you slowly head back up towards Portugal, where you immediately enter the Algarve. When you follow the coast, you will eventually encounter Lisbon, the last stop on your trip; as the rest of Portugal will have bigger chances of rain and wintery temperatures. 

Tarifa Cadiz Spanje

- Tarifa: The southermost part of Spain

Need more inspiration to get excited for your trip? Check out these motorhome-stopovers in Spain by the water! If you fancy a little bit of Portugal, we have a list with free motorhome-stopovers in this beautiful country!



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