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On to the most beautiful village in the Netherlands by motorhome: Winsum

The ANWB has voted Winsum as the ‘most beautiful village in the Netherlands’. Time to discover this gem by motorhome! Looking for even more travel inspiration for the Netherlands? Then make sure to have a look at the destination page of the Netherlands!

What stands out in Winsum, and which is not surprising, are all of its beautiful buildings! When you walk through the village, you have the feeling of being in the Middle Ages. The city center is also perfect for shopping or having a drink at one of its terraces. Also, you should not miss the Winsumerdiep, where you can go canoeing or take a boat trip. It is also recommended to see the town from the water, which gives you a very different, but beautiful perspective of the village! Also, don’t forget to visit the lively city of Groningen when you are in Winsum, which is only half an hour away.

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Winsum won the contest of villages such as Urk, Elsloo, Oisterwijk and Hollum. It was also the first time that the ANWB held this election. Mayor Henk Jan Bolding of Winsum spoke to the NOS about the victory: “the village is a journey through time. The development of two villages, connected by two bridges, De Boog and the Jeneverbrug. You can find beautiful buildings here, sit cosy on one of the terraces or experience the village from the water, right through the center.” Time to visit this village during a day or weekend trip by motorhome!

When visiting Winsum, you can stay the night at the marina/campsite Marenland. In Groningen you can spend the night at the motorhome stopover near Sportcentrum Kadringe or at the Marina No Limit Ships

Winsum camper Nederland
- Getting out on the water is a must during your visit to Winsum!

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