Wijnstreken Frankrijk camper

Visit the wine regions of France by motorhome

France and wine are regularly mentioned in the same sentence. So don't miss a motorhome trip along the famous wine regions during your trip through France with your motorhome! Enjoy the views from your motorhome, the wines on the way and be sure to take a few bottles home with you! A visit to the French vineyards regions is the perfect change during your trip! Are you going for Alsace, Bordeaux or Burgundy?


Burgundy is known to the general public for its Pinot Noir of Sancerre wine. Two wine routes are well known in this region: the Route des Vins Mâconnais-Beaujolais and the Route Touristique des Grands Crus. The first route is full of (wine) culture, there are many traditional wineries, but also several Romanesque churches. The abbeys of Cluny and Tournus are often recommended to visit. This will be a motorhome-trip where you combine wine tastings and walks along history!

The second wine route actually consists of two parts, namely the part of the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune. The first part runs from Dijon to Corgoloin with mainly Grand Cru wines, and the second part from Ladoix-Serrigny to the mountainside of the Maragnes with many Chardonnay wines. From your motorhome, enjoy the rolling vineyards that you can see for miles and miles!

Other wine routes to drive with your motorhome in Burgundy are the Route Touristique des Grands Vins, the Route Touristique des Vignobles de l'Yonne and the Route des Coteaux de Pouilly-Sancerre. Delicious wines are guaranteed on all routes, but you can also take a trip to the beautiful castles or go out into the countryside.

Rots van Solutre Bourgogne camper
- you might come across the Rock of Solutre along the way, with rolling vineyards at its foot!


If you want to combine your Alsace trip with the most delicious food in France, the Route des Vins d'Alsace is definitely recommended! Here you will find some very special French restaurants. Think of restaurants in the middle of a vineyard or restaurants where you feel like you're in a castle atmosphere. The region has plenty to offer with all its restaurants and wineries for both short and long term stays. You will especially find white wines here. If you only want to drive the route, take a few days off for this. Would you also like to go out on lovely walks or cycle past all the villages in the area? Then you can easily enjoy yourself here for two or three weeks! Don't forget to visit beautiful places like Strasbourg and Colmar.

Elzas Colmar camper
- Colmar is full of colourful houses!


In Bordeaux you will mainly find red wine, but white wine or rosé is also being produced here more and more often! Wherever you drive in the region, you will come across vineyards. Two well-known routes in the region are the Route des Châteaux and a route that runs from Graves to Sauternes. The first route takes you - as the name suggests - along several beautiful castles. After your wine tasting you can make a perfect stop at one of the castles. The second route takes you to the region where the only classified white wines from the Bordeaux region are made. That alone is a reason to drive this route with a camper, but the impressive Château de la Brède is also highly recommended. This is where Montesquieu, the famous philosopher you may know from the trias politica, lived! 


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