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The best motorhome destinations in Europe in November!

The end of the year is approaching fast, good weather is definitely past us now and the days are only getting shorter and bleaker. November doesn't really sound like the ideal month to go on a motorhome trip. Still, there are various destinations in Europe that are fit for travelling this month. Read on and join us on a trip to the most beautiful destinations and best events of November! 

Hibernating in Sicily

Want to postpone the winter just that little bit more? Then you have to go to the south of Europe. One of our personal favourites is the Italian island Sicily. In November, the temperatures lie between 18°C and 21°C degrees here, and the average water temperature is even at 20°C! This means that Sicily has the longest beach season in Italy, so you can easily take a dip during this time of year! Pay attention, though: you aren't 100% assured of good weather in Sicily during November. Luckily, there are more than enough activities around the island, of which many do not even require good weather.

Besides beautiful beaches, Sicily is also full of architectural sights and historical cities. For example, you could explore the beautiful city Taormina, or dig up some historical temples at Valle dei Templi. In for a beach day? Then we recommend you head to Scala dei Turchi, a limestone beach with beautiful views all year round!

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- Sicily is the perfect place to soak up some sun in November!

Bonfire Night in Londen

Every year on the 5th of November, the London night sky gets lit up by thousands of fireworks. Guy Fawkes night, better known as Bonfire Night, is a yearly event in the English capital in commemoration of a historical event. In 1605, a guy named Guy Fawkes organised a plot to blow up the House of Parliament. To celebrate that this didn't happen, every year on the 5th of November several fireworks shows take place, as well as so-called "guys" being lit on fire throughout the entire country. Besides this spectacle, Bonfire Night is also a night to enjoy traditional food and drinks, music, and lots of fun festivities!

There are several places in London where you can enjoy the spectacular show. Most of them take place on the 5th of November, but there are a couple of shows that take place a day earlier, on November 4th. One of the biggest shows takes place at the Kempton Park Racecourse. This year, you can enjoy the spectacle here on the 4th of November.

You can park your motorhome at Maidstone Services. Unfortunately, this motorhome stopover lies a while from the city centre, but in just 1,5 hours with public transport (or your motorhome) you can be in the centre of town. Besides, this motorhome stopover lies close to the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Beauty, which means that you can make several nice hikes and cycling tours over here! 

bonfire night londen camperbestemming november

- At Bonfire Night, the whole of London is lit up by spectacular fireworks!

Citytrip to Prague

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and the perfect destination for a citytrip in winter! Okay, the weather isn't great this time of year, but the cosiness and festivities in the city make the whole bunch a lot warmer! Of course, you're travelling to Prague to admire all the beautiful sights, such as Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock or Prague Castle. Furthermore, Prague has some amazing traditional restaurants and several places where you can enjoy a delicious Czech beer. But there is a lot more to experience in November besides all these activities!

On the 11th of November, Prague celebrates St Martin. You can watch beautiful lantern parades or partake in traditional roasted goose tastings. Both events that you won't forget quickly! Next to St Martin, another christian fest is also celebrated widely: Christmas!

From the 28th of November until the first day of Christmas, you can experience a special ceremony at Charles Bridge. This bridge, which is also known to be the symbol of Prague, is the only bridge in the world that is still lit by oil lamps. The last days of the year, you can experience the ceremony in which these lamps are lit up. Besides, many Christmas markets will open their doors the last days of the month, and you will frequently see the Christmas tram running through the city centre. In short: there's enough to see and experience! You can stay with your motorhome close to the centre at Prague Camp.

karelsburg praag camperbestemming november

- The beautiful Charles Bridge is even more beautiful during the special lantern ceremony in winter! 

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