Where to with the motorhome in February?

The best motorhome destinations in Europe in February!

All the good new year's resolutions may already be gone, but the one to travel more by motorhome hopefully isn't. Even in February, there are plenty of great places in Europe to visit by motorhome. Do you prefer the sun, or do you really enjoy the cold winter weather? We have listed some great motorhome destinations that are definitely worth visiting in February!

Visit the colourful festival Carnaval de Nice

Travel by motorhome to the south of France and visit Nice. This is where the festival Carnaval de Nice will be held from 17 February 2024 to 3 March 2024. This festival already has a great history as it has been organised since 1873!

The carnival in Nice is the biggest carnival in the world after Rio de Janeiro and Venice. It is a parade where artists from all over the world participate, with large floats, big floating heads, street art and music groups. The parades are opened by the floats of the so-called King and Queen of Carnival. From history, the king is the leader and the queen is married to it. The other floats that follow are the so-called subjects. Most parades are organised in the evening so that the lights on the various floats look most beautiful. Several artists participate in this carnival and a new theme is chosen every year. The theme for 2024 is K-Pop! The carnival will end on 2 March 2024 with the burning of "the king" and his fireworks. This event is free to visit.

The Carnaval de Nice is a great magical event that you should definitely not miss if you are in this region in February. Just be aware, tickets must be bought in advance for the parades.

You can stay overnight with a motorhome near Nice in the town of Saint-Laurent-du-Var. It is about a 15-minute drive from Nice and staying at this motorhome stopover is in fact free!

Carnaval di Nice motorhome

- In February, Nice is the city of carnival!

Wander through Monreal, one of the most beautiful villages in Germany

Monreal is a German village located in the Eifel region. This cute place is a half-timbered village, with the still beautiful existing half-timbered houses, where the small river Elz also flows. Just walking around this village will excite all your senses! This village is home to two small ruins of castles, the Löwenburg and the Phillipsburg. These castles were once built to protect the village and are definitely worth a visit if you want to visit Monreal. Prefer not to wander through Monreal alone? The municipality organises several fun guided walking tours to discover the village and its history. For example, there is a castle tour, where you will visit the Löwenburg with the guide and eventually enjoy the beautiful view over Monreal! The castle is located on the outskirts of the village. The route to the castle is via narrow walkways and stairs, so be sure to put on your walking shoes if you want to take this tour. Want to learn more about the half-timbered village of Monreal? Then The Municipality also offers a tour of the village centre, taking you around the most interesting places in the village. This tour is also suitable for wheelchair users. Or choose to explore the village in the evening! With the "Monreal in Moonlight" tour, you will go out in the evening and learn about the life of the people in Monreal in past centuries. All tours in Monreal are given throughout the year on request.

Planning to travel to Monreal by motorhome and discover this half-timbered village? Then spend the night at motorhome stopover Parkplatz am Bahnhof in Monreal and walk about 1km from this motorhome stopover to the centre of Monreal.

Monreal Germany

- Check out the beautiful half-timbered houses in Monreal.

Keep up the winter spirit

The real winter spirit can be found at the Nederlands IJsbeelden Festival in Zwolle. The best ice artists from all over the world have created their ice sculptures here, some up to 6 metres high! Imagine yourself in the beautiful ice world in Zwolle and discover all about Myths and Legends, as that is this year's theme. For instance, there is the Mïnoian Labyrinth, the Minotaur's maze that you can visit yourself. Greek mythology is also depicted in ice, such as Medusa, you should not stare at this for too long or you might turn to stone too. The terrible snowman, or Yeti, is of course not to be missed either. Besides these themes, there are plenty of other sculptures to view and you can enjoy a snack and a drink in between, as there are also winter snacks and drinks at the festival. Still got time to spare? Then combine your visit with a day in the Hanseatic city of Zwolle.

You can spend the night in Zwolle at motorhome stopover Jachthaven de Hanze. From this motorhome stopover, you can easily take public transport to the IJsselhallen and the city centre.

Zwolle the Netherlands

- Enter the cold and admire the most beautiful ice sculptures!

Would you also like to discover other Hanseatic cities in the Netherlands by motorhome? Then quickly read the following article. Here we have described several Hanseatic cities in the Netherlands where you can easily go by motorhome.



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