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Wellness during your motorhome trip through Germany

Some 300 spas in Germany are officially allowed to put the word 'Bad' in front of their names. In all these places the promotion of health and healing has often played an important role for a very long time. But wellness and wellbeing have also become one of the focal points. And the nice thing is that you can often park your camper near the spa park or the thermal baths. A stay at these camper pitches in Lower Saxony can be perfectly combined with doing something about your wellbeing.

In Bad Rothenfelde everything revolves around salt

The spa town of Bad Rothenfelde is located near Osnabrück. There are two major grading works in the centre: ingenious constructions made of twigs along which salt water seeps down. Long ago, these structures were used for salt extraction. Now they are a kind of large inhalation objects: by walking past them, you can breathe in the healing air. Near the old grading works are the shops and restaurants; the new one is in the park with its rose garden. Tip: visit the inhalation room inside the grading. Not only can you see the ingenious beam and branch construction from the inside, but you can also breathe in the concentrated salty air. Perfect for respiratory problems and colds.

You can also relax in the Carpesol SpaTherme. Pull your laps under the huge glass dome into the warm water. In between you can chill out in one of the numerous whirlpools and let yourself float in the 30°C warm outdoor saltwater pool.

The Wohnmobilpark Osnabrücker Land is located just outside Bad Rothenfelde. Click here for more information about this camper park.

Very realxing: Bad Pyrmont

Near the ratter city of Hamelin, in the rolling hills of the Weserbergland, lies the largest 'Staatsbad' in Lower Saxony. Bad Pyrmont owes its fame to the versatility of its beneficial natural products: peat and natural salt, iron and carbonated spring water. In the middle of the town is the spa park with a large palm garden, colourful flower borders, prominent avenues and a beautiful rose garden. The Hufeland Therme has 5 wellness stars and is considered one of the most beautiful spas in Lower Saxony. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace during a concert in the spa park.

Reisemobilhafen in den Emmerauen' is located in the floodplains of the river Emmer, on the outskirts of Bad Pyrmont. Click here for more information about this camper place.
Bad Pyrmont
- Bad Pyrmont, one of the world's oldest spa parks.

Bad Harzburg: perfect base for the Harz

In Bad Harzburg salt water bubbles up from an 840 m deep spring. The water is also rich in sodium and calcium and is therefore good for bones, muscles and respiratory tract. In addition to a dip in the thermal spring, a visit to the sauna complex is also highly recommended. Special: the 60°C warm Sole-Gabbro-Grot and the snow sauna, which cools down to -10°C.

The Harz is really a great hiking area. In the spa park of Bad Harzburg, the 16.4 km long circular hike with the seal of approval 'Premiumwanderweg', the 'Luchstour', begins. Follow the signs with the lynx to the Waldgastätte Rabenklippe. Here the lynx can be admired within their spacious enclosure. Anyone who finds the hike to the top of the Großen Burgberg too challenging can take the cable car. If only because of the wonderful view over the wooded surroundings and jagged rocks, this hike is worthwhile.

Stellplatz an der Sole-Therme in Bad Harzburg is right next to the thermal spa complex. Click here for more information about this camper village.
Bad Pyrmont
- Totally relax in Bad Harzburg, you will find a motorhome site right by the thermal spa complex.


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