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Visit the most beautiful villages of Wallonia by motorhome

Thirty villages are among the most beautiful in Wallonia and you can visit them by motorhome! All these villages are known for their picturesque streets and their beautiful cultural heritage. This selection is highly recommended during your motorhome trip through Belgium. Visit all the villages during a drive from Limbourg to Aubechies, or have a look around if you are nearby with your motorhome.

1. Limbourg

Formerly the capital of the Duchy of Limburg, it is now a beautiful village with several ancient monuments. The centre is very well preserved here, which really gives you the feeling of having landed in history! The beautiful green Vesder valley and the Herve plateau are also close by. Ideal to go out into nature from your motorhome!

You can stay overnight at the motorhome site in Jalhay.

2. Torgny

The architecture in Torgny is in no way inferior to that in Italy. So you imagine yourself for a while in a Mediterranean atmosphere. The beautiful Raymond Mayné nature reserve is a wonderful place for lovers of plants and animals, because what a variety you will find here! In the village you will also find many antiques, including traditional farms.

The nearest camper site is in Ansart.

Torgny motorhome
- Imagine yourself for a moment in Italy in Torgny.

3. Gros-Fays

On a walk through Gros-Fays, the slate houses are particularly striking. Here you will find several beautiful old buildings like a brewery, which are definitely worth a visit! The drying halls also breathe history: They were once used for growing tobacco. Fancy a walk? From Gros-Fays you can easily take a walk through the nearby valley!

You can stay overnight in a catering company in Alle-sur-Semois.

4. Laforêt

Laforêt is a Valhalla especially for nature lovers. There are several beautiful hiking trails nearby! Here you will also find traces of the former tobacco cultivation. Also pay attention to the houses, which are decorated with hearts, also called lucky charms, which is typical for this region!

You can stay overnight in Bohan.

5. Celles

The castle of Vêves, situated on a rock, is the main attraction of Celles. Over the centuries, little has changed in the castle since the 15th century, which makes it so special. Since its foundation around 685, the castle has developed into a larger castle. Moreover, it is certainly advisable to go up to the Hermitage of Saint-Hadelin, from where you have a beautiful view of Celles!

The best place to spend the night is the Ave-et-Auffe.

celles motorhome
- The village of Celles breathes history.

6. Crupet

In the Crupet, built on a steep slope, the devil would live in a cave called the Devil's Cave. The cave is dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua. Another attraction is the medieval fortified tower in the middle of a lake. This is also known as the keep, which looks as if it were a single independent tower without, for example, a castle around it.

You can stay overnight in Profondeville.

7. Sosoye

A fun experience in Sosoye is a ride on a real railway bicycle. This is different from riding a train! While cycling you can watch the beautiful green landscape pass by. If you prefer to explore the area on foot, you can climb Mount Sosoye. After your walk, you can relax at Maredsous Abbey, where you can taste different beers.

You can spend the night on the same mobile home site as in Crupet.

8. Vierves-sur-Viroin

Vierves-sur-Viroin is bursting at the seams with old buildings: an old washhouse from the 19th century, a beautiful castle from the 17th century, but also with parts from the time before that, and the steam train that shows you the beautiful landscape. You will not be bored here, because the village is also in the middle of the Viroin-Hermeton nature park.

You can stay overnight at the Treignes camper site.

9. Lompret

In the surroundings of Lompret you can enjoy a wonderful walk. Think of the Aquascoop of Virelles, which, as it suggests, is located near the lake of Virelles. This nature reserve lies around a huge pond. The nature reserve Le Franc Bois is also beautiful, partly because of some rare plants.

The best place to spend the night is Chimay, where there are three different caravan sites, including Communal de Chimay.

lompret motorhome
- The area around the picturesque village of Lompret is ideal for a long walk through nature.

10. Aubechies

Aubechies is famous for the archaeosite of Aubechies. Here you will find several excavations from the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age. This is the largest archaeological site in Belgium! In the rest of the village you also seem to go back in time, among other things through the Gallo-Roman house.

You can spend the night at the Archeosite. So you are right out of the camper van and into Aubechies!


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