Spain most beautiful villages of motorhome

Visit the most beautiful villages of Spain by motorhome

Spain is bursting with beautiful villages. Each village has its own charm: the one with a beautiful pink or white colour and the other with a rich history. The villages are not yet overrun by tourists, so you can get a taste of authentic Spanish life here during your campervan trip. These villages are all proudly on the list of Los Pueblos Más Bonitos de España and are therefore highly recommended to visit during your next campervan trip to Spain!

Albarracín – Aragón

The village of Albarracín is also known as a Spanish village with a beautiful pink colour. Surrounded by a mountainous landscape, it has a magical appearance! The village has been named the most beautiful village in the country several times for good reason. As you wander through the village during your visit with the camper van, you will come across one beautiful vista after another. So be sure to take your camera along! The 14th century city walls are also worth a visit. From the walls you have a beautiful view of the surroundings. The Alcazar of Albarracín is also worth a visit. This castle flaunts itself impressively on a rock! You can visit the building from the inside during a guided tour.

You can spend the night in Albarracín with your campervan.
Spain motorhome most beautiful villages

- Albarracín turns a beautiful pink!

Capileira – Andalusia

Capileira is located in the Andalusian Barronco Gorge. This gorge is part of the Spanish Sierra Nevada mountain range, which translated means 'snowy mountain range'. Capileira is one of the many white villages you will find in this area. From the village you can see the other white villages Bubión and Pampaneira. During your visit with the campervan, you can also go for a lovely walk through the mountainous surroundings. During your walk you may come across the Spanish ibex and the wild boar, among others. In Capileira you will find the Museo Etnológico Pedro Antonio Alarcón where you can admire local handicrafts.

The nearest campervan park is Camping Orgiva.

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Spain motorhome most beautiful villages

- Capileira is part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range!

Ponte Maceira – Galicia

The famous Santiago de Compostela passes through the village of Ponte Maceira. So during your visit with the camper van, you have a good chance of meeting pilgrims! The Ponte Vella is the most famous attraction, a bridge that crosses the river Tambre and dates from the thirteenth century. The Balandrón manor house is also a gem to admire from the outside. The house was built around 1950 and has a large garden. Today, it is privately owned.

The Bertamirans motorhome park is located near Ponte Maceira.

Spain motorhome most beautiful villages

- The Santiago de Compostela passes through Ponte Maceira. 

Tazones – Asturias

During your visit to Tazones, you will be able to eat and drink deliciously! For example, you can enjoy the best freshly caught fish here. Tazones is especially known for its lobster. With your meal you can enjoy the best cider, because the village is situated in the middle of the Spanish region where a lot of cider is made! There are several sidrerias, also called cider bars, and llagares, cider cellars, in this area that you can visit. You can also go for lovely walks in the area. For example, there is a route that takes you past special footprints of the dinosaurs that used to live here.

You can spend the night at the free campervan park in Gijón, among other places.

Chinchón – Madrid

Chinchón is a beautiful historic village located at a stone's throw from the Spanish capital Madrid. An ideal village to combine with a visit to the Spanish capital during your motorhome tour of Spain! Especially the Plaza Mayor is an attraction, as it is surrounded by special medieval houses with green balconies. In Chinchón, various drinks are brewed, including anisette - crane ice - and ginebra, also known as gin. There are many liquor shops where you can buy these drinks. There are also several historic farmhouses from the 18th century where you can admire centuries-old wine cellars.

You can spend the night in Madrid or in the village of Brea de Tajo.
Spain motorhome most beautiful villages

- Chinchón's Plaza Mayor is a real attention-getter!

Beget – Catalonia

In Beget, you will find beautiful authentic Spanish houses of natural stone and with wooden balconies. You can admire these on a walk through the village. On the way, you also pass the church Sant Cristòfol, where you can admire a special statue. The Majesty of Beget' is a wooden statue of almost two metres high. Nearby you will discover the rolling mountains of the nature reserve Les Cabeceras del Ter y del Freser. The Molló Parc is also a must. In this 'zoo' you will find plenty of animals that occur naturally in the area, including bears, mountain goats, wolves and fallow deer. This is especially recommended if you visit Beget on a campervan trip with children!

You can stay overnight with the campervan in Castellar de n'Huch.

Laguardia – Basque Country

Laguardia is a beautiful medieval village in the Spanish region of the Basque Country. Wherever you are, the impressive mountains of the Sierra Cantabria are always in the background. The city is known as the wine capital of La Rioja Álavesa. You can visit several bodegas where you can taste the most delicious wines. Take a walk through the surroundings and admire the endless vines with the mountains in the background. You will also come across the 13th century walls that surround the entire historical centre of the village. The village can also be visited during the La Rioja wine route. The route is easy to drive with a campervan and takes you past the most delicious wine locations of the Rioja.

Near Laguardia, you will spend the night in Eltziego at Área de Barrihuelo.

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Briones – Rioja

The village of Briones is located in the Spanish region of Rioja and is particularly well known for its wine museum Fondación y Museo Dinastía Vivanca. This is the largest wine museum in Europe where you can learn everything about the past and future of wine. There are two wineries where you can taste the most delicious wines during your visit with the campervan. Briones is situated on a hill from where you have a beautiful view over the Ebro and vineyards!

You can spend the night at the free campervan park Labastida.


Spain most beautiful villages of motorhome

- In Briones you will find the largest wine museum in Europe!

Peñíscola – Valencia

Peñíscola is located on a peninsula in the Balearic Sea. The 13th-century castle is the literal and figurative highlight of the town and towers over the village. Its most famous inhabitant is perhaps Pope Benedict XIII, who lived here from 1415 to 1423. You can find several remnants of his stay in the castle, including a study. If you go to the roof of the castle, you will have a beautiful view of the centre of Peñíscola and the sea!

In Peñiscola you can stay overnight with your camper at Camper Park Los Pinos, among others.


Spain motorhome most beautiful villages

- Peñíscola is situated in a beautiful location, namely on a peninsula!

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