Tuscany Motorhome journey

Tuscany by motorhome: highlights & tips

Magnificent ancient buildings, delicious food, rolling hills and the Italian sun on your face: we are talking about the Tuscany region in Italy. Visit all the highlights on your motorhome journey of this amazing region and enjoy all the beauty on the way! 


In the Tuscan capital, you can get your Italian fix. In the town hall, Palazzo Vecchio, for example, you can admire the art collection of the famous Medici family. There is also the Ponte Vecchio, a medieval bridge that crosses the river Arno. This is one of the most famous attractions of the city because of the many jewellers that are located here. A funny fact: there used to be butchers' shops here, but they started to smell bad. That is why they have been replaced by jewellers! And here too you will find a link with the Medici: above the bridge runs a corridor. This was so that the family did not have to mingle with the 'commoners' when they walked from castle to castle. The Duomo, Florence's cathedral, is another attraction not to be missed in the city. It flaunts itself as the centrepiece of the Piazza del Duomo. If you want to get some shade at the end of the day, visit one of the many museums the city offers, for example the art museum Galleria degli Uffizi. Here you can admire works by top artists such as Michelangelo.

Near Florence you can spend the night at camperstop Gelsomino SCAF.

motorhome journey Florence
- In Florence, you can admire various works by Michelangelo. 


Everywhere you look in Siena, you will find beautiful historical buildings. Standing on the Piazza del Campo, you will find the tower Torre del Mangia and the town hall Palazzo Publico. The water basin Fonte di Fontebranda is also very impressive. There is no water flowing near Siena, so the water was collected here! Throughout the rest of the city, you will find many more beautiful sights: the Cathedral Duomo Santa Maria with, among others, plenty of mosaics on the outside, the Crypt of Siena and museums such as the Museo Civico with works by the Sienese School, the school of painting in Siena in the 14th and 15th century.

Spend the night with your motorhome near Siena at the P2 camperstop, Il Fagiolone.

Want to discover even more beauty on your motorhome tour of Italy? How about a fine bike ride along the clear blue Lake Garda?

motorhome journey Siena
- Siena is bursting with beautiful historical buildings. 

San Gimignano

In this beautiful medieval mountain village, you can imagine yourself in history. The village is full of iconic squares and alleyways. Visit the Piazza della Cisterna, for example. Here, you will find an old well that dates back to the 14th century. It is also home to the multi-award winning ice cream parlour Sergio Dondoli. Make sure you get an ice cream here and enjoy it in the Tuscan sun! Furthermore, climb the Torre Grossa, the 'big tower'. This tower was used to defend the village. You can reach the top via 218 steps. Did you know that San Gimignano is also called the Manhattan of the Middle Ages because of its many (residential) towers? The higher the tower, the more prestige the family had. You can admire one of these residential towers in the Torre Campatelli.

In San Gimignano you can spend the night at camperstop Park Santa Lucia.

San Gimignano motorhome journey
- Visit the Manhattan of the Middle Ages on your motorhome tour of Tuscany!


Pisa, of course, cannot be missed during a motorhome journey to Tuscany, and neither can the famous Tower of Pisa. The tower has been sinking into the ground since it was completed in 1350. Don't forget to take an iconic photo near the structure! Around the tower are a number of Pisa's highlights, including the Cathedral of Pisa, the Baptistery (the baptismal chapel) and Camposanto, a walled cemetery. You will also find the Orto Botanico di Pisa, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. Apart from the beautiful garden, a natural history museum and library are also located here.

Spend the night in Pisa at camperstop Pisa or camperstop Parcheggio Camper Scambiatore.

Pisa motorhome journey
- The tower of Pisa has been sinking since 1350. 


As you approach Volterra, you can already see the city shining on top of the hill. A beautiful sight that is also the first highlight of your visit to the city! When you enter the city, you will see traces of the Romans and Etruscans everywhere. Visit, for example, the Roman Theatre from the first century B.C. or the Cisterna Romana, an old water cellar from Roman times, where rainwater was collected. The Palazzo dei Priori is another beautiful town house that served as inspiration for Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The Fort Medicea is also one of the highlights of the city. This fortress of the Medici family is today in use as a state prison and can therefore only be admired from the outside. Because Volterra is situated on a hill, you also have a beautiful view of the sloping surroundings from various points.

In Volterra, you will spend the night at Parking P3.

Volterra motorhome journey
- Volterra is full of beautiful sights from the times of the Romans and Etruscans. 


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