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15x the most beautiful motorhome stopovers in Spain to spend the winter

The cold winter months are here again. Time to travel to sunny Spain with your motorhome and get an extra vitamin D boost! These motorohome stopovers in Spain are open all year round and are situated in beautiful, sunny locations. With temperatures averaging above 15 degrees, these motorhome stopovers are the ideal place to spend the winter!

Area Malaga Beach, Málaga

Motorhome stopover Area Malaga Beach is located just a stone's throw away from the centre of Málaga, which is in the south of Spain. Here you can admire the beautiful Alcazaba, a former Moorish fortress that was built in the 11th century. Another famous attraction is the Gibralfaro Castle. This castle is close to the Alcazaba for a reason, as it was built to protect the fortress.

At Area Malaga Beach you have almost all facilities such as electricity, sanitary facilities and the possibility to fill up and empty water. You overlook the beach and can therefore take a nice evening walk with a view of the setting winter sun. From the camper place also start several walking- and cycling routes through the beautiful Spanish surroundings.

Discover even more beautiful Spanish beaches during your campervan trip. These beaches are among the most beautiful in the country.

Paraiso Camper, Calpe

From camper village Paraiso Camper in Calpe you discover the beautiful surroundings of the Costa Blanca. Here you make a fine walk on the extended boulevard. From the camper village you have a view on the attraction of Calpe, namely the Peñon de Ifach rock. You can make a beautiful walk at the rock or climb to the top for an impressive view over Calpe and the sea. In addition, the centre of Calpe is highly recommended for its medieval town walls and a historic watchtower. At the campervan site you are provided with all conveniences, including sanitary facilities, wifi and electricity.
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- From the motorhome stopover you have a view of the beautiful Peñon de Ifach rock. 

Camper Area Milucar, Torrox-Costa

In Andalusia's Torrox-Costa you will find Camper Area Milucar. Here you will spend the winter with a beautiful view of the sea. You can also spend a nice day out fishing. Or discover the surroundings via one of the many walking and cycling routes that pass by the camper village while enjoying the Spanish winter sun! There are various facilities at the campervan site. Wifi, the possibility to fill up and empty water and to clean the chemical toilet are included. You can also use electricity and sanitary facilities.

Valencia Camper Park, Valencia

Visit the bustling city of Valencia, Spain's third largest, from Valencia Camper Park. The campervan site has facilities such as sanitary blocks, electricity and the possibility to fill up and empty water. In the city, you will enjoy a good mix of historical and modern sights. You will visit the ultra-modern Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, a cultural and scientific centre. Among other things, you will find a beautiful aquarium and a science museum.

Other attractions include La Seu Cathedral - where you can admire works by the painter Goya, among others - and the Mercado Central, which show off Valencia's historic side. At the Mercado Central you can buy the most delicious regional products. The cathedral is located in the Barrio del Carmen district, where you will discover many more historical gems on a walk.

Area Camper Massis del Montgri, Bellcaire d’Empordà

From the Area Camper Massis del Montgri in Bellcaire d'Empordà you discover the beautiful surroundings of the Spanish province of Girona. Various walking and cycling routes pass by the camper village. For example, you can cycle towards the coastline or towards the 13th century castle Montgrí, from where you have a beautiful view of the rural surroundings! On the camper village there are facilities such as sanitary, electricity and the possibility to fill up and empty water.

Area Autocaravanas Tropic, Castell de Ferro

If you explore the area around Castell de Ferro in Andalusia, you are likely to come across one of the many watchtowers dating back to Moorish and Roman times. The motorhome site is just a stone's throw away from the sea. Here, on a sunny winter day, you can read a good book or take a nice walk on the beach. The camper village has almost all facilities, such as sanitary facilities, electricity and wifi.

Playa Altet, Alicante

From the camperstop Playa Altet in southern Spain you have a wonderful view of the beach and the sea.  That makes it the ideal location to spend the winter in Spain! You stay about 7 kilometres from the centre of Alicante and are there in no time via the direct cycle path to discover the sights. You visit the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, for example. In the museum that is housed in this castle, you will learn everything about the history of Alicante. The camper site is free of charge and does not have any facilities. You can also spend a nice day fishing at the site.  

San Antonio Camper Park, Altea

At San Antonio Camper Park you will spend the winter on the promenade of Altea on the Mediterranean coast. Here you can go for a nice walk along the coastline and recover after your walk with a drink on the terrace in the nearby marina. You can also head towards the Parque Natural de la Serra Gelada y su entorno litoral and discover the beautiful coastline on a walk. Or discover the charming old town of nearby Benidorm. Here you can admire, among others, the old church of Benidorm, Església de San Jaumu i Santa Ana, and the special apartment complex Intempo. This building is in an impressive N-shape. At the campervan site, almost all facilities such as electricity, sanitary facilities and wifi are available.

During your campervan trip to Spain, you should also visit these five beautiful sights, which include the medieval city of Cuenca and the Segovía aqueduct.

Spain spending the winter motorhome

- From the motorhome site in Altea, you can discover nearby Benidorm in no time at all. 

Camperpark Carboneras, Carboneras

Camperpark Carboneras is just a stone's throw away from Cabo de Gata, a nature reserve of volcanic origin. In the nature reserve you will discover long dunes, natural salt lakes and the nicest bays. The best way to discover the biosphere reserve is on foot. In addition, various walks and cycle routes start at the camper van site, allowing you to discover the rural surroundings. It is also possible to fish in the vicinity. There are various facilities at the campervan site, including electricity, sanitary facilities and Wi-Fi.

Autocaravaning Park Roses, Roses

In Roses, which lies close to the border between Spain and France, you will spend the night just outside the centre. Roses used to be a real fishing village. Nowadays, you can still enjoy the most delicious fresh fish from the port every day. There is 4 kilometres of beach, so you can take a nice walk along the water of the Bay of Roses. A few kilometres from the village you will find the ruins d'Empúries. This was already a commercial city in the time of the Greeks, and also in the time of the Romans, trade was conducted here in abundance. On the camperstop, almost all facilities are available, such as sanitary, electricity, wifi and the possibility to fill up or discharge water.

Las Moreras AC, Alcossebre

Motorhome stopover Las Moreras AC is located near the centre of Alcossebre, a town on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea where you can enjoy the Spanish sun during the winter months. You can visit one of the many nearby nature reserves, such as the mountainous Parc Natural de la Serra d'Irta. Or take a walk on the beach on a mild winter's day. Because there is so much nature nearby, there is also a beautiful hill that you can look out on from the motorhome stopover. Various facilities are included, such as sanitary facilities, the possibility to fill up and empty water and wifi.
Spain wintering motorhome stopover

- During the winter months, you can enjoy a nice walk or bike ride in Alcossebre.

Area de Alcaidesa Marina, La Línea de Concepción

In La Línea de Concepción you will spend the night at the marina at the camperstop Area de Alcaidesa Marina. From this Spanish town you can easily visit Gibraltar. The limestone rock of Gibraltar is a must, because on this rock you can spot monkeys! The rock slowly dissolves in the water and therefore there are several caves present. St. Michael's Cave was prepared in the Second World War as an emergency hospital, but was never used. Today, concerts and events take place there. From the motor home site you can look out over the water and see the boats sailing to and from the marina. There are facilities such as toilets and the possibility to refuel and discharge water.  

Monumento a Colón, Huelva

As the name of the motorhome stopover suggests, Monumento a Colón is a place to spend the winter with a view of the great Columbus Monument. This monument has been there since 1929 and depicts a sailor looking towards the west. The west is the same direction that Columbus was looking when he discovered America. The monument is in Huelva because Columbus is said to have planned some of his voyages of discovery here. The camper site is free and there are no facilities.

Camper Park Playas de Luz, Isla Cristina

In Isla Cristina, on the border of Spain and Portugal, you will spend the night at Camper Park Playas de Luz. From the camper park you can start a walk or bike ride through the nature reserve Marismas de Isla Cristina. The area consists mainly of marshes. If you prefer the water, you can easily rent a kayak. You can hire bicycles at the campsite to explore the area. There are also facilities available such as sanitation, electricity and the possibility of filling and emptying water.

EmpordArea, Palamos

In the Catalan Palamos you spend the night at the camperstop EmpordArea. From the camper village you discover this cosy port town. You can enjoy the most delicious freshly caught fish and a walk along the bustling harbour. There are several beautiful beaches nearby that you can visit during a walk or bike ride. Routes start near the camper van site. In addition, you can spend a nice day fishing at a short distance from the camper village. On the campervan site, facilities such as sanitary facilities, electricity and wifi are available.

Spain winter camp site

- Palamos is a cosy harbour town that you discover from motorhome stopover EmpordArea.

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