Taking your motorhome out skiing

Taking your motorhome out skiing!

Winter is about to begin! Whereas, for many people, this means that they will travel down to the south to enjoy the last rays of sun, a lot of motorhome owners choose to face the cold. To be sure that you are able to enjoy the best slopes, we composed a list of the best tips and motorhome stopovers to go skiing this winter!

Before you leave

Before you can really enjoy the winter fun, some preparations are needed to safely hit the road towards the snowy mountains. It's a smart move to take a snow shovel with you in case you get snowed in somewhere, in addition, load up a ladder and broom so you can keep the roof and windows snow-free. Practice putting on snow chains at home, this will save you a lot of fumbling in the freezing cold. Finally, treat the door rubbers beforehand to prevent them from freezing by rubbing them with glycerine.

Skiing in Austria

One of the most popular countries to practice winter sports is, of course, Austria. Let's start with the biggest ski resort to be found in Austria: Ski Arlberg. With 305 kilometres of ski slopes, you can ski until your legs give in. Camping Riffler in Landeck is close to the ski arena. What is hugely convenient is that the supermarket is a stone's throw away. 

About an hour and a half's drive away from Ski Arlberg is ski resort Sölden, which is 144 kilometres rich in slopes. This is also the place where the Alpine Ski World Cup takes place every year, so besides practising winter sports you can also watch the professionals in action. You can park your campervan at the well-equipped winter campsite 'Sölden'. The campsite is suitable for an active holiday but also for relaxing. From here, you can already put your skis on your shoulder at your motorhome and step straight into the ski lift. Another nice detail: the James Bond film 'Spectre' was shot here, can you recognise the scenes from the film?


- You'll be at the slopes in no time!

Through the Swiss Alps

Switzerland is many skiers and snowboarders' favourite country. Saanen-Rougemont is perfect to go to by campervan. In the picturesque mountains, it soon feels as if you are in a fairytale land. Saanen is located four kilometres above the famous Gstaad ski area. This makes it a lot quieter, but you will still find the more challenging slopes over here. Camping Bellerive lies right between Gstaad and Saanen, in case you want to experience the best of both. Multiple cross-country skiing routes start at the campsite and the ski lifts are not far away from the campsite.

If you want to immerse yourself in a spectacular landscape, then Aletsch Arena is the right place for you! Right next to the gigantic Aletsch-glacier, you gaze upon the amazing landscapes that have been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2001. An amazing place to travel by motorhome, while driving through the fantastic mountains. Close to the skiresort you'll find Col du Simplon, a free motorhome stopover with multiple sanitary facilities and a point of disposal.

Motorhome stopover Switzerland

- Gaze upon the beautiful Swiss landscapes!

Rise to French heights

The French Alps are rich in challenging ski resorts, since the mountains are a tad higher than the ones in Austria! This makes for better snow security and a longer ski season. Chamonix is one of the bigger ski resorts whereto you can travel with your motorhome. Chamonix is a rather large village, but thanks to its cosiness it feels more like a small town sometimes. On the edge of town is Parking du Grépon. From here you can easily get to the shopping centre, ski slopes or cosy restaurants in no time.

Les Trois Vallées is one of the biggest ski resorts in the whole world. You do not have to worry about getting bored, there are enough slopes! The ski resort is acccessible to everyone: young, old, experienced or inexperienced. Being with your motorhome in the midst of the French Alps sounds like a dream, right? You could wake up every morning surrounded by white peaks, snow under your feet and the slopes at only a stone's throw away! You can experience all of this at Col des Aravis. This motorhome stopover is located a few hundred meters distanced from all the cosy chalets, restaurants and skilifts

Motorhome stopover France

- France offers more snow security

Taking your motorhome to Germany

Let's finish with Germany. The country of lederhosen and dirndl's offers multiple ski resorts. Why don't you decide to drive to the Alps? You'll find yourself in a winter wonderland, with the many villages and gorgeous sights. At twenty kilometers' distance from Salzburg you'll find the ski resort Berchtesgadener. This area offers slopes for every level, which makes it a lovely resort for families! You can park your motorhome at Reisemobilstellplätze Allweglehen.

Do you want to combine your ski holiday with a beautiful motorhome trip? Discover all motorhome stopovers in our motorhome guide. This guide is useful not only during the winter season, but also for all the other seasons where you want to take your motorhome out for a trip!



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