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5x Europe's most beautiful short distance motorhome routes

A motorhome route doesn't have to be long to see a lot of the country! The short motorhome routes in this article will take you to some of the most beautiful locations that countries like Spain and Norway have to offer. You'll learn all about Dalí, for example, or admire the most beautiful mountain panoramas. These short motorhome routes are some of the most beautiful in Europe!  

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse - Austria (47.8 kilometres)

The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse is a short Austrian campervan route that takes you through the most beautiful part of the Alps. This is the perfect motorhome tour for mountain lovers! Wherever you drive, the high (snow-covered) mountain peaks and beautiful valleys will meet you. The route takes its name from the Grossglockner mountain, which at 3,798 metres is the highest mountain in the country. In 47.8 kilometres you can travel from Bruck to Heiligenblut with your campervan. Please note: this campervan route has many hairpin bends! The route is therefore recommended for experienced campervans. However, these bends make the campervan route fun, because they are numbered. So you can count down until you reach number 36, the last hairpin bend!

To enter the route you buy a ticket at the beginning of the route. There is plenty of time and space to stop along the way. You will come across several locations where you can enjoy the impressive views at your leisure while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea! From the camper route, you can also walk various trails in the area. Or stop along the way at one of the various museums and shops.

Overnight stays can be arranged at the starting point of the camper route in Bruck.

short motorhome route
- The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse takes you to the most beautiful places in the Austrian Alps. 

The Dalí route - Spain (100 kilometres)

Spain and surrealism: the artist Salvador Dalí springs to mind! A short 100-kilometre campervan tour takes you to three Dalí-related locations: Figueres, Portlligat and the castle of Púbol. In the first location, Figueres, Dalí was born. It is also where he had his first exhibition. Today, there is a museum dedicated to Dalí.

Portlligat is where the famous painter lived with his wife Gala. He lived here from 1948 to 1982. You can visit the house where they lived. Much of the furniture is still here as Dalí had it himself. The third and final location is Púbol Castle. This was a gift from Dalí to his wife. Today, you can visit the castle, which Dalí had completely restored for Gala.

You can spend the night in Figueres at Parking Supermercado Esclat, among other places.

Spain is the perfect destination to spend the winter during your campervan trip. Travel for example to the romantic city of Seville. Read all about the most beautiful locations to spend the winter with your campervan here.
Short motorhome tour through Europe
- The Dalí route takes you to three locations that were important to the artist.  

Trollstigen - Norway (106 kilometres)

The Trollstigen is a beautiful panoramic motorhome route in Norway. The road is generally open during the high season, but if you are travelling outside of the high season, it is advisable to check whether the road is passable. On this short 106-kilometre campervan route you will discover beautiful waterfalls and fjords, including Geirangerfjord. This is one of Norway's most famous fjords and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the summer months, the campervan route takes in the immense blue waters of the fjords and the surrounding mountains. The mountains on the route also all have beautiful names, such as the Bishop and the Queen. Along the route, you can stop frequently to enjoy the beautiful views. So it is definitely recommended to enjoy the mountains around you!

Near the motorhome route, you can stay in places such as Tresfjord.

Around Lake Garda - Italy (187 kilometres)

Around Lake Garda in Italy, it is perfect to do a short motorhome tour. At various locations along the lake you will find a camper village, so you can easily choose a nice place for an overnight stay near the water. In Lake Garda, you can of course take a refreshing dive and spend a nice day sunbathing on the beach, but the area is also perfect for walking and cycling. On your way, you will pass several villages and admire the most beautiful green forests and hills along the lake!

One of the attractions along the lake is the Museo dell'olio, or the Olive Oil Museum. Here, you can learn all about the production process and taste the most delicious olive oils. If you want to learn everything about wine, you can do so at the Museo del Vino. Here, too, there is plenty to learn about the drink and the production process. Furthermore, you will find the amusement park Gardaland by the lake, fun for young and old! There are several roller coasters and you can admire many special fish in the aquarium.

There are plenty of places to stay by the lake. For example, spend the night at Area Sosta Camper La Spiaggia.

short camper route
- Around Lake Garda, there is a 187-kilometre motorhome route that takes you to the most beautiful spots of the lake. 

Route des Grand Crus - France (60 kilometres)

On this short wine route, you travel in a motorhome from Marsannay to Santernay in 60 kilometres. On the way, beautiful vineyards and landscapes pass by. You will also pass 37 villages that are known for their wines. So there is plenty to see and taste!

Gevrey-Chambertin is one of the highlights along the route. This village is known worldwide for its wines. It produces many grand crus (9) and even more premiers crus (26). The Clos de Vougeot estate is another gem to visit along the route. The winery is located in the middle of the vineyards on a meadow. Since the twelfth century, almost nothing has changed here, including the wine presses and the wine cellar. In addition, you should not miss out on Beaune. This is where the Hôtel-Dieu produces the most delicious wines. But the hotel is not only worth a visit because of its wines: the roof of the building is also impressive because of the many coloured tiles!

You can spend the night at the starting point of the camper route at the camperstop Espace du Rocher.


short motorhome route
- The Route des Grand Crus takes you past 37 wine villages. 
Visit beautiful nature during your campervan trip through France, such as the Mercantour National Park and the Ballon des Vosges Regional Park. You can read all about the most beautiful natural areas of the country here.


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