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Combine city and nature in Norway, Sweden and Finland during your motorhome trip

Norway, Sweden and Finland are all bursting with nature, but the cities should not be missing from your list on a camping trip either! Because nature is always just around the corner, these countries are perfect for discovering both the bustling cities and the beautiful nature with a motorhome. Travel to this beautiful area now and be surprised!

Bergen - Norway

Bergen, in Norway, is the city when it comes to combining city and nature during your motorhome trip through Scandinavia. The Floyen and Ulriken are beautiful mountains that can be reached from the centre by cable car or on foot, but Bergen is also the perfect base from which to visit the immense fjords. In Bergen itself, the district of Bryggen is perhaps the most famous with its trading houses from the Hanseatic era. The entire centre is easy to explore on foot and has several museums, street art and a busy fish market. Bergen may be Norway's second-largest city, but there is certainly no lack of a friendly atmosphere in the centre.

About a quarter of an hour's drive from the city centre you will find Bergenshallen.

Bergen Norway motorhome
- Bergen is full of colourful houses!

Trondheim – Norway

Even from the Norwegian town of Trondheim you can be in nature with your motorhome. The Bymarka nature reserve is about a 20 minute drive away, where you can climb to the top via a beautiful hike. Of course there are also many more hikes along the many lakes in the nature reserve where you can have hours of fun! Besides Bymarka you have the Skarvan og Roltdalen national park. From mountain hut Schultzhytta you can go for the most beautiful walks through these beautiful pine forests, which are mainly known for their unspoilt nature. Many of these trees are over 200 years old! In the town itself, the Fort Kristiansten, which used to protect Trondheim from the Swedish attacks, is certainly worth a visit because of the rich history in which the fort protected the town. From here you have a beautiful view over the city! Several museums, including the Jewish Museum and the Kunsthall Trondheim, are also worth a visit. For some nature in the middle of the city you can visit the botanical garden. With its colourful houses on the waterfront, the city has the atmosphere you expect from the beautiful Norwegian cities!

In Trondheim you can spend the night in a motorhome at Nyhavna.

Trondheim Norway
- Fort Kristiansten has a long history, which you can learn all about during your visit!

Göteborg - Sweden

The greenery is not only to be found in the surroundings of the Swedish Gothenburg, in the city itself you will also find many parks and gardens that give the centre a green character! Once you have discovered the city's canals or the Gothenburg Museum of Art, you can relax in the greenery. If you really want to get out of the city, you can visit Gothenburg's archipelago by motorhome, where you will find many fishing villages. You can also take a boat trip to one of the islands. Are you more of a forest? Then the Delsjön nature reserve is perfect for a brisk walk! With all the greenery both inside and outside the city, Gothenburg might be the city to discover by motorhome if you are looking for the perfect mix between city and nature.

Gothenburg is home to Lisebergs Ställplats Skatås where you can spend the night among the greenery just outside the city centre.

Turku - Finland

Near Turku you will find the beautiful nature reserve Turku Archipelago. This is a true paradise for bird lovers, but you will also encounter seals, many islands (as many as 8400!) and beautiful, extensive forests during your motorhome trip. The Turku Archipelago Trail is a well known route that you can take with your motorhome or bicycle to get a piece of this beautiful nature reserve. To drive the route, hop from island to island by ferry. Don't forget to check the sailing schedule, as it is often only in high season! In the city of Turku you will find several sights such as the Aboa Vetus Arts Nova Museum with various excavations and contemporary art, and the cosy market hall where you can taste the Scandinavian cuisine.

Near Turku you can spend the night at the farm at camperstop Ilmarists Matkailutila.

Turku overnight motorhome Finland
- At camperstop Ilmarist Matkailutila you will spend the night with the farmer in Finland!

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