Saxon Switzerland motorhome

Discover the impressive German region of Saxon Switzerland by motorhome

With a landscape like this, it's not crazy if you get the feeling you've landed on the set of a science fiction film in Saxon Switzerland, an area in the German region of Saxony! During your motorhome trip through Germany, visit this beautiful region with all its marvellous nature and end with a city trip to historic Dresden.


The Bastei rock formation is perhaps the most famous image of Saxon Switzerland, with the most photographed point being the Basteibrücke, and rightly so! The sandstone bridge, which was still made of wood until 1851, connects various rock formations. View the bridge from below, or climb up to the top via one of the routes for the most enchanting views!

Bastei Saxon Switzerland motorhome
- The famous Bastei in Germany.


In the Elbsandsteine Mountains you will find the Schrammsteine. Via many stairs you can reach these rock formations, for example from Bad Schandau there is a varied route where you will come across gorges, woods and of course many rocks! You can climb to various mountain peaks, including the High Torstein.


Königstein is particularly well known for the Festung Königstein. After having served as a prison in history for a long time, the fortress can now be admired in the middle of a hill. With a guided tour you will get to know everything about the history of the fortress. During your visit you will also be able to enjoy all the beautiful views, so you will kill two birds with one stone!

Nearby: Dresden

Dresden was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War and then rebuilt. Since then, this capital of Saxony, with its architecture, has certainly not been inferior to cities such as the bombastic Florence. The main attraction is probably the city's royal palace, where you'll find a museum with costumes as you know them from a costume drama, but of course also: the royal treasury!

Dresden Germany motorhome
- The city of Dresden in its full glory.

Where to sleep?

Due to the fact that there are no camper pitches in the nature reserve itself, it is advisable to spend the night on the outskirts of Saxon Switzerland. Here you can spend the night at the Panoramhotel Lillienstein in Königstein. If you prefer to stay close to the city, this is of course also possible! For example, you can stay in the middle of the old centre of Dresden at Wohnmobilstellplatz am Blüherpark. However, it is easier to visit the natural sights from Königstein.


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