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Celebrate Oktoberfest from your motorhome!

The period of the Oktoberfest is upon us again. Normally this is one big beer festival for thousands of people, not only in Germany, but also abroad. Unfortunately the coronavirus cancelled all celebrations this year, but that does not mean we will let this festival pass our noses! Why not bring the Oktoberfest to you and celebrate your own party in the motorhome? Pack your things, drive to your favourite camperstop and make it your own party!

A real Oktoberfest of course includes a lederhosen or dirndl, so don't forget to pack it! Also bring some other accessories, such as a hat for the men or a bow tie for the women. Of course everyone wants to drink something tasty, so a big beer mug for everyone is indispensable, in combination with enough bottles of your favourite beer. Tasty to go with it: typical German snacks such as Pretzels and a real Bratwurst.

To complete your Oktoberfest, a phone, tablet, laptop, music box or other device is also needed to play the best Schlagermusic. If you are going to celebrate this party in your motorhome, please send us a nice picture via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Viel Spaß! Prost!

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- Of course, Oktoberfest also includes typical German dishes & delicacies! 

Top 10 songs for your Oktoberfest

  1. Costa Cordalis – Anita
  2. Kussen verboten – Die Prinzen
  3. Sommernacht in – G.G. Anderson
  4. Du kannst nicht immer 17 sein – Chris Roberts
  5. Er ist wieder da – Marion Maerz
  6. Ein Mädchen für immer – Peter Orloff
  7. Tausendmal Du – Münchener Freiheit
  8. La Paloma – Fischer Chöre
  9. Mochte bei dir sein – Vivian Lindt
  10. Lieder der Nacht – Marianne Rosenberg
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