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10x the best motorhome stopovers to see the northern lights!

Many dream of seeing the northern lights once in their lives... what if we tell you that you could experience this natural phenomenon from your motorhome?! There are lots of motorhome stopovers that allow you to watch the gorgeous ''aurora borealis''. Curious which motorhome stopovers these are? Then quickly read on!

What are the northern lights?

The bright-coloured, dancing lights in the night sky, better known as northern lights, fascinate people all over the world. It is no surprise that ''seeing the northern lights'' occupies a spot on many people's bucketlist. But where does this natural phenomenon come from?

To put it simply: the northern lights emerge when the sun's electrical parts collide with our earth's atmosphere. This happens all year round, which means that the northern lights are actually always here. Though it has to be dark to see them. Which is why the dark winter - and in particular the polar night - is the perfect season to see the beautiful lights. Besides this, it is very important that you travel to remote areas. The less light pollution there is, the better.

seeing the northern lights

- ''Seeing the northern lights'' occupies a spot on many people's bucketlist!

The northern lights in Norway

During winter, the northern part of Norway is dark for the majority of the day. This means that this part of Norway has the perfect circumstances for seeing the northern lights. Here, you'll find motorhome stopover Sommarøy, which lies on a small island. A bit more up north is Oksfjord Båtforening, a motorhome stopover next to a harbour. You'll have very high chances of spotting the northern lights here!

Don't want to travel up north so much? You might see some northern lights in Trondheim, then! Though it has to be said that the circumstances should be perfect. Make sure that you find yourself far from the city centre, which is where you'll have the least amount of light pollution. Klæbu, located at 30km distance from the city, is one of the best places to spot the northern lights close to Trondheim. Park your motorhome at Sandmoen Bobilparkering, and you'll find yourself in this beautiful remote area in no time.

Infinite aurora in Finland

Nowhere you will see the northern lights as long as in Finland. Here, You can enjoy the ''aurora borealis'' from August until April. If you're lucky, you will even ''stumble upon'' the northern lights during your stay in Finnish Lapland.

BestPark Arctic Circle lies - as the name implies - close to the arctic circle. At this motorhome stopover, you'll stay in the centre of Finnish Lapland. A little south lies Aneen Loma, a motorhome stopover by the water. Closeby this stopover you can do a wide range of outdoor activities, like skiing! One thing is for sure: you will definitely see the northern lights here!

In the top north of Finland you'll find Nomadic Naali, a motorhome stopover in the wilderniss! Besides seeing the northern lights here, you can also make husky-tours, accompanied by the stopover's cute dogs! You could also venture out with the canoe, in order to explore the area even better! Pay attention though: this motorhome stopover is opened from the middle of May until the middle of October. You can see the northern lights, but this is only during a very limited period of time. 

Nomadic Naali campsite

- At Nomadic Naali you can make tours with the cutest huskies!

An authentic northern lights-experience in Sweden

Experience authentic northern lights in the northermost part of Sweden! In Swedish Lapland you have the possibility see the northern lights from September until March. Even better, the northern lights show themselves almost daily in Swedish Lapland! In addition, Lapland itself is a true winter wonderland, covered in a thick blanket of snow. There aren't any better conditions to see the northern lights!

At Gällivare, you'll stay in the centre of Swedish Lapland, in a gorgeous tranquil environment. Extra fun: this motorhome stopover is entirely free! A bit more up north is Ryssajöki Naturrastplats. This motorhome stopover is far removed from the rest of the world, which makes it the ideal spot to see the northern lights!

Incredible: the northern lights in Scotland

Yes, also Scotland has northern lights! Okay, you maybe have to have a bit of luck, but in the northermost parts of the country you could definitely see the spectacle of light!

The Shetland islands, located above mainland Scotland, are probably your best bet when it comes to seeing the nortern lights. There might still be a chance of cloudy skies, which will keep you from seeing the lights. Fortunately, even in this ''worst-case scenario'', there's still lots to explore in this gorgeous area, which lends itself for beautiful hikes and biking tours. Stay at Gardiesfauld with your motorhome, located next to the water.

In the northermost part of mainland Scotland, Dunnet, you might have a chance to see the northern lights without travelling to the islands. Dunnet Bay Club Campsite is a quiet motorhome stopover with stunning views over the Scottish coast.

motorhome stopovers see the northern lights

- Where are you travelling to see the northern lights?

And, are you travelling to Norway, Sweden, Finland or Scotland? With the Camperstop Advisor you'll find many more motorhome stopovers in all of these countries! Maybe you can finally cross ''seeing the northern lights'' of your bucketlist at the end of this winter...



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