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6x Norway's most beautiful fjords by motorhome

Norway is known as a perfect country for outdoor lovers. And what better way to discover Norway's impressive nature than by visiting the country's many fjords? These are the most beautiful fjords in the country to visit during your campervan trip. The suggestions for official camper sites in this article are not always close to the fjord. It is therefore good to know that you can wild camp with your campervan in Norway. However, always follow the local rules, for which you can consult among others the Visit Norway website.


The Geirangerfjord has it all: white mountain peaks, green-covered slopes and several beautiful waterfalls. The most famous are the Seven Sisters, Syv Søstrene in Norwegian. Don't fixate on 'seven waterfalls', because how many you will see depends very much on the weather. If it has just rained, there are often many more than seven and if it has been dry for a few days, there may only be a few.

A great camper route to drive near the fjord is the Trollstigen, a beautiful mountain road with impressive waterfalls and snow-capped peaks - even in the summer months! In the winter months, this route is closed. If you prefer to explore the area on foot, there are several hikes through the area to viewpoints where you can enjoy the most beautiful mountain panoramas.

The best place to stay for a visit to this natural beauty is Helset Hytter og Camping in Folkestad.

Norway motorhome fjord
- In the Geirangerfjord, you will find white peaks, green slopes and beautiful waterfalls!


With its 180 kilometres, this fjord is the sixth largest fjord in the world. The nature reserve is known for its salmon catch, so in the surrounding villages you can enjoy the tastiest fresh fish!

The most famous point of the fjord is without doubt the Trollentong, Trolltunga in Norwegian. This rock rises 700 metres above the water of the Ringedalsvatnet. From here, you have a beautiful view of the green valley and the immense blue water. The hike to this point takes about four hours, but any pains in the calves are forgotten as soon as you are treated to the impressive view!

To visit the fjord, it is best to spend the night at the camperstop near Norheimsund.

motorhome Norway fjord
- Trollentongue is the best known location in Hardangerfjord. 


The 42-km-long Lysefjord is probably best known for the famous Preikestolen, translated as the Pulpit. After a hike to this point, you will be treated to a magnificent view from a height of 600 metres. The walk takes you through a forested area and later past blue mountain lakes. Another famous point is the longest wooden staircase in the world, the Flørli steps. You will climb 4444 steps in which you will ascend 750 metres. From the top, you are treated to a magnificent view of the fjord. The climb takes about two hours. If you prefer to discover the fjord from the water, you can do so during a boat trip. Along the way, you will see seal colonies living in the area!

To visit the fjord, stay overnight at Jørpeland Bobilparkering in Jørpeland.

motorhome Norway fjord
- In the Lysefjord, you will find the famous Preikestolen.


The Sognefjord is Norway's longest and deepest fjord. It is even the third longest fjord in the world. The fjord is around 200 kilometres long. The fjord itself is beautiful, but it is also known that the side arms are perhaps even more beautiful. You will also find the largest glacier in continental Europe, the Jostedalsbreen. You can admire the glacier from several points.

The Sognefjord is also known for the country's highest mountain, the Galdhøppigen at 2469 metres. The rest of the area is also home to several of Norway's highest mountain peaks. If you are looking for a challenging climb, this fjord is the place to be! In addition, the fjord is home to several remarkable stave churches, many of which have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Stave churches are made of wood and have a distinctive architectural style. The stave church in Borgund is the best preserved stave church in the western part of the country.

One way to visit the Sognefjord is from the Vikum bobilparkering in Viksdalen.

Norway motorhome fjord
- By the Sognefjord you will find numerous UNESCO-listed stave churches! 


As the name Oslofjord suggests, this fjord is not far from the Norwegian capital. The fjord is 100 kilometres long and contains several islands. During the summer months, the fjord is a popular recreation spot: you can take a refreshing dip in the water or hire a canoe or kayak to go on the water. There are also plenty of sailors and fishermen.

There are several villages and towns along the fjord that are worth visiting. Among others, Vollen is a must. At this old trading post, you can learn everything about the fjord at the Oslofjord Museum. If you are looking for a destination where you can swim extensively, we recommend Holmsbu. Here you can jump into the water at various locations and then dry off in the sun. The Oslofjord is especially recommended for those who love a combination of city and nature! Nature is a little less 'rough' here than in the more northern fjords.

Of course, you can spend the night in Oslo, but it is much nicer to spend the night by the water of the fjord. You can do that in Horten at Horten Gjestehavn, among other places.



The Hjørundfjord is one of Norway's smaller fjords with 35 kilometres, but it is certainly not lacking in beauty! Famous hikes in the area are the climb to the top of Slogen and the top of Saksa from where you have a great view of the surroundings. You can also explore the fjord and the rugged mountains from the water in a kayak. In addition, the area is known for its good skiing. While you are sliding down, you have a view of the fjord. A very special skiing experience!

You will spend the night at Ørsta Småbåthamn in Ørsta, a short distance from the fjord.

Norway motorhome fjord
- The Hjørundfjord is one of Norway's smaller fjords. 
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