Neumagen-Dhron camper

Visit Germany's oldest wine city by motorhome

Neumagen-Dhron is the oldest wine town in Germany, in the middle of the Moselle! Here you sit in the middle of beautiful nature while tasting the most delicious Moselle wines. The town is perfect to visit with your motorhome, ideal to roll into your motorhome after the wine tasting. A trip for both the wine lover and history lover, because the Romans have also left their traces here!

Wine tasting in Neumagen-Dhron

During a visit to Germany's oldest wine town, a tasting cannot be missed in one of the many wine cellars. One of the more famous winemakers in the town is Wingut Hilmes, where they have won several awards for their delicious wines. Furthermore, there are various wine festivals throughout the Moselle in September with parades, a wine queen and wine princesses. The queen and princesses are selected for each village, so they are in the spotlight during the wine festivals. During the wine festivals the wine flows richly of course, which makes it even more fun to experience these festivities!

After your wine tasting in Neumagen-Dhron, spend the night at Camperpark Gaststatte Beim Ketsch or Yachthafen Neumagen.

Neumagen-Dhron camper
- In Neumagen-Dhron you will spend the night in the middle of the Moselle!

A rich history

Already in the time of the Celts there was a settlement in Neumagen-Dhron. By Celts is meant the people who spoke the Celtic language, they lived especially around the beginning of the era. How do we know that Neumagen-Dhron is the oldest wine town in Germany? A Roman stone wine ship has been found, part of the tomb of a wine merchant from 220 A.D.! The original can be seen today in Trier. However, in Neumagen-Dhron you can take a tour on the Moselle in a real replica, that's how you really feel history coming to life!

Moezel camper
- In the Moselle you will find several idyllic villages.

Unfortunately, little remains of the Roman finds. The summer residence of Emperor Constantine stood in the city, of which only the foundations have been preserved, together with some remains of the bathhouse in the basement. Unfortunately, the city wall is no longer to be admired either; it was given to Trier before it was known that it was a Roman specimen.

Near Neumagen-Dhron it is also highly recommended to visit Trier, Germany's oldest city, or Cochem, the city you can admire from the chairlift up to the nearby mountain. Both are at a maximum of an hour's drive from Neumagen-Dhron.

Camper Cochem
- Cochem is surrounded by the greenery of the Moselle.

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