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Visit the most beautiful nature during your motorhome journey through France

Attention nature lovers: France is bursting with beautiful nature reserves! From impressive coastlines to high mountain peaks, there is something for everyone. Here you can read all about the most beautiful nature reserves that you can visit during your next campervan trip through France!

The Alps

The French Alps are the nature reserve for outdoor enthusiasts. Expect immense mountain peaks, idyllic mountain roads and blue mountain lakes. In the French part of the Alps lies the highest peak of the area: Mont Blanc. To climb the 4,808-high summit, you need to be an experienced mountaineer, but fortunately there are many locations from where you can admire the mountain peak! Among others, Aiguille du Midi offers a magnificent view of the mountain range.

The mountain range is also full of beautiful mountain lakes. Among the most famous are Lac Blanc and Lac du Lauvitel. From Lac Blanc, you have a beautiful view of Mont Blanc and at Lac du Lauvitel, you have a great chance of spotting mountain marmots. In addition, the various mountain villages are worth a visit. Bonneval-sur-Arc belongs to the Plus Beaux Villages de France and La Grave is the perfect starting point for various walks.

If you want to discover the most beautiful locations of the French Alps with your campervan, then we recommend the Route des Grandes Alpes. On this 680 kilometre long route, you will discover three national parks and you can stop regularly for a nice walk - or even a bike ride for the real sporty types. The route can be driven from June to October. In these months there is usually no snow.
France motorhome nature

- Mont Blanc is the highest mountain peak in the Alps. 

Parc national des Calanques

This national park is not very well known yet, but it is definitely time to change that! The area owes its name to the word calanque, a valley that was carved out by a river. Later, this valley was flooded. You will find several beautiful river gorges in the national park. The area is perfect to discover on foot and at several locations you can cool down in the water on a hot day. In addition, a number of gorges offer good snorkelling to admire the underwater life.

In the national park, there are several bays to explore. The most famous and also the largest is Calanque de Sormiou. From the rocks above, you have a beautiful view that you can admire during a walk. Also Calanque de Port-Pin is a must. At this calanque you will find several sand and pebble beaches. The beaches can be reached after a short walk.

Apart from the calanques, you can also admire a beautiful cave, the Cave of Cosquer. The cave is under water and therefore not to be visited, but you can learn everything about the cave on a boat trip. The cave is particularly special because of the 27,000-year-old drawings. At that time, the sea level was 120 metres lower. The most special drawing is that of a penguin. Today, it is still a mystery why this drawing is displayed here.
France nature motorhome

- In the Parc National des Calanques, you will find beautiful river gorges!

Parc national du Mercantour

The Parc National du Mercantour is especially known for its great diversity of flora and fauna. This diversity has arisen because the north of the national park lies in the snowy mountains and the south faces the southern coastline. As a result, there are as many as 30 plant species that you cannot find anywhere else on earth. The area consists of a total of seven valleys where you can take lovely walks.

During a walk through the area, you can encounter various wild animals. There are numerous chamois to be found in the nature reserve and with a bit of luck, you may also come across the alpine marmot, golden eagle or even wolves.

In the Parc National du Mercantour, you will also find various rock paintings. Especially in the Vallée des Merveilles and the Vallée de Fontanalbe you will have a great chance to spot one, as more than 35,000 drawings have been found here. The rock paintings are said to have been made by local shepherds between 1800 and 1500 BC.
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- You will find several beautiful mountain villages in the Parc National du Mercantour. 

Côte de Granit Rose

The Côte de Granit Rose really lives up to its name. The boulders have an extraordinary pink colour! The rock was created by solidified magma which was then worn away by erosion. You can admire this special coastline in Trégastel, among other places. Perros-Guirec is also a must, because here you will find the Sept-Îles archipelago. The archipelago is the largest bird reserve in the country. During a boat trip, you will admire many different species of birds and also have a beautiful view of the islands. Landing is unfortunately not permitted here. Along the coastline is also the famous GR34, a hiking trail formerly used by customs officers.
France motorhome nature

- The rocks literally turn pink at the Côte de Granit Rose!

Are you looking for a nice camper route to drive during your camper trip through France? Among others, the Route des Grand Crus is highly recommended! This short wine route takes you in 60 kilometres from Marsannay to Santernay. Along the way, you will of course taste the most delicious wines and get a glimpse of the wine-making process. Read all about this beautiful short motorhome route and four other special short motorhome routes in Europe here.


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