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Visit the nature in France with a motorhome

When you visit France by motorhome, the beautiful landscapes pass you by. That is why it is time to discover these nature reserves up close! These four nature reserves are highly recommended for a visit during your motorhome journey in France because of the beautiful panoramas and nice walks and bike rides.

Walhalla for hikers

The Mercantour National Park is the nature reserve for hikers. The mountainous national park is located near the Italian border. It has been a national park since 1979 and nature has been allowed to take its course here. Since then, many new plants and animals have come to the area! You will spot many beautiful animals during your walk, such as lynx, deer, ibex and boars. Bird lovers will also be delighted with the vultures and eagles in the area. Some of the most beautiful points are Lake Allos, the largest mountain lake in Europe, which you will find at an altitude of 2230 metres, and the Lacs des Vens, which change colour during the day. Please note that dogs are not allowed in the national park, even on a leash.

In the national park you will spend the night at the camperstop Stade E. Donato in Sospel.

France nature motorhome
- In the Mercantour National Park, you will find several villages, such as the medieval Tende. 

Hiking and cycling paradise

The Regional Park Ballon des Vosges is known as the most populated regional nature park in France. Through the undulating area, there are different hiking trails for all levels. The lengths also vary from a day trip to a multi-day hike. It is advisable to pick up a walking route from the local tourist office. The walking routes take you along the most beautiful landscapes, castles and villages of the nature reserve. For example, you will find the castles of Hohlandsbourg and Wineck Castle, both of which date back to the 13th century. There are also several bicycle routes, for example the 12 kilometre route from Lièpvre to the Mines of Sainte-Marie Aux.

Spend the night at Domaine du Haut des Bluches in La Bresse.

During a motorhome journey through southern France, you will encounter plenty of sun, sea and beaches and charming coastal towns. These are highlights you should not miss.

The Calanques with the motorhome

Between Marseille and Cassis, you will find the rock formations of the Calanques. In this nature reserve, beautiful rocks and mountains alternate with immense blue water. Especially swimming and walking enthusiasts can enjoy themselves here. It is advisable to avoid the nature reserve when it is high summer, so in the months of July and August. Not only because of the crowds, but also because there is a higher fire risk then. If you would like to discover the nature reserve from the water, boats depart from Marseille and Casis. Some of the most beautiful calanques are Calanque de Port-Pin, which is completely surrounded by pine trees, and Calanque de Sugiton, where there are plenty of pebble beaches. Near the Luminey University bus stop near Marseille is a car park from where you can walk to the latter calanque in about an hour.

In Marseille you will spend the night at Marlyparc.

France nature motorhome
- After a walk in the Calanques, splash into the clear blue sea water. 

The Cevennes

The Cevennes National Park is a low mountain range, which means that the average height of the peaks is between 500 and 1500 metres. In the nature reserve, Mont Aigoual, among others, is highly recommended. With its 1565 metres, it is the second highest mountain of the Cévennes. There are several footpaths to the top and once at the top, you have a beautiful view of the sloping surroundings! If you want to climb the highest mountain of the Cevennes, you have to have Mont Lozère. This mountain is almost 1700 metres high. Also this top can be reached by several footpaths. On the edge of the national park, you will find Alès, a town that is known as mining town. In the Mineralogical Museum and the Mine of Witnesses, you can learn everything about the work in the mines. Besides, this is the perfect starting point for various walks through the area.

In the Cevennes, there are several camperstops, including Château du Péras.


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