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5x must see during your motorhome tour of Spain

Spain is a great country to travel through with a motorhome. The landscapes you encounter on the road are overwhelming and each town or village has its own character. The UNESCO World Heritage List is home to some of the country's finest attractions. These 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are a must-see for your motorhome-trip of Spain.

1. Alhambra, Granada

In the city of Granada, you will find the magnificent Alhambra, a medieval palace and fortress. Around the year 889, the construction of the palace, then a fortress, was started. After that, construction only started again in the thirteenth century. Only ruins stood then. These were restored to their former glory. The fortress and palace as it is today were also built at that time. In the year 1333, the palace was inhabited for the first time. Because the palace has been in the hands of different peoples throughout the centuries, all kinds of art can be admired, including Arabic art. In the Alhambra, in addition to this art, you can admire several beautiful rooms, including the Lion's Court. On this patio you will find a beautiful fountain that is leaning on twelve lions. This is an impressive sight!

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- The Lion Court is a beautiful part of the Alhambra!

2. Monastery and palace of Escorial, Madrid

During your city break in Madrid, the monastery and palace of Escorial are worth a visit. The complex is located just outside the centre of Madrid, in San Lorenzo. Towards the end of the 16th century, it was built by the same architect as the Vatican. King Filipe II ordered it so that his father Carlos V could have a final resting place. To give you an idea of the size of the complex: there are 4000 rooms and the corridors are 16 kilometres long! Highlights of your visit include the immense library, the monastery and the royal mausoleum. Many kings and relatives of the Spanish royal family are buried here. Don't forget to take a walk through the beautiful palace gardens!

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- Several members of the Spanish royal family are buried in the Escorial Palace. 

3. The aqueduct and old town of Segovía

In Segovía, you will find a beautiful old aqueduct that dates back to 50 AD. In those days, the aqueduct took care of the water supply between Segovía and Riofrío, which lies a little further away. Apart from the aqueduct, the old town is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you walk through it, you will understand why! Visit the Alcázar - the royal palace - of Segovía and the city wall with some well preserved gates. End the day with a drink at the lively Plaza Mayor. Not far from Segovía is Ávila, another city on the UNESCO World Heritage list. This city is especially worth a visit for its impressive city wall. When you are away from the city with your motorhome, you have a beautiful view of the walled city. A special sight!

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- The Segovía aqueduct is centuries old. 

4. Kathedraal, Archive of the Indies in the Alcázar, Seville

Seville boasts no less than three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, starting with the Cathedral. This cathedral is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. Be sure to take a look inside the cathedral, but don't forget the orange garden and the Giralda Tower, which towers above the city. Next to the cathedral you will find the Archivo de Indias. Here you will find important documents from the time when Spain ruled over colonies in America. A little further on you will find the impressive Alcázar of Seville. This is the oldest European royal palace that is actually used as a palace. You can visit the beautiful gardens and part of the palace.

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- The Giralda Tower flaunts itself next to Seville Cathedral. 

5. Cuenca

If you would like to visit an authentic medieval city during your motorhome trip through Spain, Cuenca is highly recommended. The city is especially known for its so-called hanging houses. These are situated on the edge of a rocky plateau and therefore protrude over the river. From the footbridge Puente de San Pablo you have a beautiful view of these houses. This building complex houses the Museo de Arte Abstracto Español, the museum for modern art. The collection consists mainly of art from the 1950s and 1960s. In the rest of the city, the old Moorish remains are not to be missed. See, for example, the old tower and parts of the old city wall.

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-  The hanging houses in Cuenca are indispensable on your motorhome-trip of Spain.


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