Motorhome trip by the water in Western Europe!

Motorhome trip by the water in Western Europe!

There is nothing like being able to spend the night with your motorhome by the water in Western Europe! Especially when the temperature allows you to take a refreshing swim. Sounds lovely doesn't it? Read on quickly to discover what we think are the most beautiful waterfront spots!

The Belgian coast

The Belgian coast has thousands of fun and atmospherical towns! It is a perfect destination for when you just want to relax by the seaside. The beaches are wide and vast with beach bars scattered all around. One bar might be fancy, whereas the other is more suited for families. Are you planning on combining a day at the beach with a stroll through a city? You definitely can! In our blog "8x motorhome stopovers near water in Belgium", you can read everything about motorhome stopovers that allow you to jump in the water straight from your doorstep! Enjoy!

belgian coast

- Relax by the Belgian coast!

The German coast

You probably don't think of the German coast right away when you want to go on an amazing beach vacation. However, because of the wide range of activities, the German coast is definitely worth it! True sunshine lovers are also at the right spot here. The German coast is known for its extensive beaches, cute seaside towns and attractive beach bars, where you can easily sit down in the sun to enjoy a tasty drink!

Are you planning on staying close to the water in Germany? Then this article will definitely have a motorhome stopover for you! When you're already visiting the German coast with your motorhome, make sure that you visit the places we've mentioned in "3x the German coast with your motorhome"! Oh, and don't forget about Lake Constance!


- One of the most beautiful locations by Lake Constance!

The Dutch coast

Walking along the beach in the fresh sea air, eating fish at a fish stall and cycling in the dunes. The Dutch coast has so many beautiful things to offer, you can do it all! Consider Zeeland, for example; enjoy a day at the beach here, or rent a boat and explore the waters! In the article "Discover the Dutch province Zeeland by motorhome" you can read about all the trips that are highly recommended during your visit to Zeeland.


- Discover the Dutch province of Zeeland during your motorhome trip!

The western coast of France

Wide beaches, impressive cliffs, gorgeous dunes and busy seaside resorts; a well-loved destination for many motorhomers! France's coast is very diverse and has everything on offer for a well-deserved motorhome trip. In the article "The most beautiful places along the French West coast during your motorhome trip", we have listed the highlights of the French West coast for you.


- The French coast!

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