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Take a trip around Brittany with the Tro Breizh pilgrimage route!

Brittany is a peninsula on the west coast of France and is a very popular region among motorhome owners. That's not surprising considering the nature, culture, and history that this area is rich in. Although there is plenty to experience, there are still undiscovered places that are definitely worth a visit. Tro Breizh is one such example. This pilgrimage route circles the seven cities founded by Brittany's founders. Over a length of approximately 650 kilometers, the pilgrimage was officially completed within a month, with the starting and ending points being the same. A unique experience is that you can also complete the route with a motorhome. Keep reading to learn more about this 'Tour of Brittany'!

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Stage 1: Quimper

The pilgrimage begins in the town of Quimper, where Saint Corentin found his bishopric. Considered the most Breton city in Brittany, Quimper has a rich history. This is reflected in Quimper's Saint-Corentin Cathedral, which dates back to the 13th century and is named after the city's first saint, Corentin. At 75 meters tall, the cathedral's towers rise above the surrounding buildings. A visit to Quimper is therefore not complete without taking a look at this imposing cathedral! Also be sure to visit the city's beaches, where the wrecks of almost-forgotten fishing vessels and boats regularly lie on the sandbars at low tide. This form of ship graveyard, where nature is given free rein in the "demolition" of ships, is carried on according to ancient Breton ritual out of respect for the ships. An impressive sight. 

Spend the night with your motorhome at motorhome stopover Quimper, just outside the old city center.

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That Quimper has a rich history can be seen in its buildings! © Noé C. photography

Stage 2: Saint-Pol-de-Léon

From Quimper, continue your pilgrimage route to Saint-Pol-de-Léon, the diocese of Paul Aurélien. In Breton, this place is also called the city of art and history. In the 6th century, the diocese was founded by Paul-Aurélien, who was originally from the United Kingdom. With a location on The Channel, the strait between Britain and France, Saint-Pol-de-Léon was a relatively easy destination for the British to make the crossing to. Once they arrived in France, the British (Bretons) spread out across the region to establish several dioceses. The main site in the city became the Cathédrale Saint-Paul-Aurélien, a cathedral from the 13th century that is well worth a visit when in town. In the Bay of Pempoul is the city's port, with lots of flora and fauna around it. Fun fact: Saint-Pol-de-Léon is the world capital of the artichoke, so do not forget to settle down in one of the cozy restaurants to enjoy the local delicacy.

If you want to stay overnight with your motorhome here, you can do so by the sea at motorhome stopover Saint-Pol-de-Léon!

Saint-Pol-de-Léon camper Tro Breizh Bretagne LAMOUREUX Alexandre

- Discover at your leisure the city of art and history© LAMOUREUX Alexandre

Stage 3: Tréguier

The town of Tréguier is over an hour's drive from Saint-Pol-de-Léon, but the route through the Breton countryside is a treat in itself. Once you arrive in Tréguier, a distant history awaits you. This place was the sanctuary of Tugdual, after whom the cathedral Saint-Tugdual is named. However, in the Concordat of 1801, the bishopric of Tréguier was abolished and the cathedral is today a church. With its long history, this church is an interesting place to visit during your visit to Tréguier. 

Will you be in town in May? That's when the annual "Pardon" takes place. This is a pilgrimage procession commemorating Saint Tugdual. After this pardon, the party erupts during the Fest-Noz folk festivals, which are celebrated according to Breton tradition with local folk music and sometimes even in costume. A unique experience to experience the culture in Brittany! 

In Tréguier, you can spend the night at the motorhome stopover Bois du Poète or Super U.

Tréguier camper Tro Breizh Bretagne LAMOUREUX Alexandre

- While visiting Tréguier, you must have viewed this church© LAMOUREUX Alexandre

Stage 4: Saint-Brieuc

Get back into your motorhome and continue the pilgrimage route from Tréguier to the town of Saint-Brieuc. As the name suggests, this was the diocese of Saint Brieuc. Unlike the other pilgrimage sites, the cathedral of Saint-Brieuc is not named after the first saint, but Saint Étienne. In addition, the cathedral looks more like a fortress from the outside. Because of the many war attacks over the centuries, the cathedral fortress was intended to protect the city's inhabitants. However, the stately cathedral does have a lot of beauty inside, especially the large stained glass windows are beautiful when the sun shines inside. Just a few kilometers from the city center is the Bay of Saint-Brieuc, where you can take a stroll or enjoy the clear waters at Binic beach. Taste a local fish dish on one of the cozy terraces, drink a nice local wine and completely unwind. On the motorhome stopover Pordic you stay near Saint-Brieuc.

Saint Brieuc Tro Breizh camper Bretagne mara gracia salas rodrguez

- Take a lovely walk on the beach in Saint-Brieuc© María Gracia Salas Rodríguez

Stage 5: Saint-Malo

The pilgrimage tour has a spur in the town of Saint-Malo, located on a peninsula in northern Brittany. The Irish monk Malo was elected bishop of Aleth, which at the time was south of the town, in the 6th century. The town expanded toward the coast and grew in prosperity in the process. This can still be seen today at the old city walls, behind which is hidden the Ville-Intra-Muros, the old part of town with historic buildings. At the gateway to the city is the Castle of Saint-Malo, a historic site with a rich history. In the old town, you will find winding cobbled streets and cozy terraces, among which the Saint-Vincent Cathedral towers. Built in a Romanesque-Gothic style, this cathedral is a gem to the architectural eye. You can really unwind on the beaches outside the city walls. Walk to the Fort National at low tide or take a dip in the clear blue waters.

You can spend the night in Saint-Malo at motorhome stopover Parking Paul Féval of Saint-Malo.

Saint Malo Tro Breizh camper Bretagne LAMOUREUX Alexandre

- Enjoy the view you have from the city walls© LAMOUREUX Alexandre

Stage 6: Dol-de-Bretagne

From Saint-Malo, your motorhome will take you half an hour south to Dol-de-Bretagne, the sanctuary of Samson of Dol. Characterized by its small scale and medieval style, the town is a delight to wander through. The most important place for Roman Catholics in Dol-de-Bretagne was the Saint-Samson Cathedral. This was built in Romanesque style, but was burned down by an attack by the King of England in 1203. On the remains of the old towers, the cathedral was rebuilt in the Gothic style, especially the stained-glass window is a beautiful feature of this. At the Cathédraloscope museum, you can learn more about the cathedral's construction and religious influence. Are the kids along for the motorhome-trip? If so, this museum is highly recommended because of its interactive information points for all ages! Would you prefer a little more variety? Then climb Mont-Dol, just outside the city, from where you have a breathtaking view over the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.

Spend the night at motorhome stopover Dol-de-Bretagne.

Dol de Bretagne Tro Breizh camper LAMOUREUX Alexandre

- Admire the cathedral's magnificent stained glass window© LAMOUREUX Alexandre

Stage 7: Vannes

For the final stage, get into your motorhome and drive to Vannes, in southern Brittany. Vannes was the diocese of St. Patern. In the center of the city, the first cathedral was built, which was renewed in the 11th century. This Église Saint-Patern de Vannes is Patern's final resting place and is well worth a visit while traveling the pilgrimage route. Pay special attention to the imposing stained glass, which shines through the cathedral when the sun shines inside. In the old center of Vannes, you will find both medieval and slightly more modern architecture. Today, the colorful half-timbered houses function as stores or restaurants, and in various chateaus museums are vested. Walk from the old center along the promenade and along the harbor to Porte Saint Vincent, where you can settle down on a cozy terrace. Enjoy the French lifestyle in this old modern city as you walk - literally - through the history of Brittany.

In Vannes you will spend the night at motorhome stopover Camping-Car Park Vannes-Conleau.

Vannes camper Tro Breizh Bretagne SCHALLER Morgane

- Stroll through the old town and admire the colourful half-timbered houses! © SCHALLER Morgane

Time to return to Quimper to complete Tro Breizh! Did you get excited about Brittany and would like to know more about this region? Then read this article about a motorhome itinerary in Brittany and Normandy. Have a nice motorhome-trip!



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