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A trip to Nürnberg with the motorhome!

It's time to take the motorhome to the south of Germany. Here you will find the lively city of Nuremberg. A city that was most likely named in your history books. Nuremberg originated in the Middle Ages and was the scene of battles during the Thirty Years' War from 1618 to 1648. World War II also left its mark on this city. During a visit to this city the remnants of the past can still be seen. Are you curious about the picturesque center, the many attractions and all the beauty that this city has to offer? Then be sure to read on, we will give you the best tips to get the most out of your visit.

Nürnberg Castle: the symbol of the city!

During a day in Nürnberg you should definitely not skip the Imperial Castle. This is the symbol of the city! When you drive towards Nürnberg with your motorhome, you can already see this old castle from a distance. The castle is located on a hill north of the city. You have to be prepared, but a climb to this castle is definitely worth it. Once you arrive at the top, the rich history of the city comes to life. This huge building has been inhabited by various rulers over the years. All of the Roman-German emperors have resided in this castle for centuries. Walk through the many halls and imagine what life was like in the 11th century. Go to the highest point of the tower and enjoy the beautiful view over the city. Do not forget to visit the Imperial Castle Museum, where you can see weapons used in the Middle Ages. Would you like to find some peace and quiet? You can do this in the beautiful castle garden!

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- Along the water in Nürnberg you can find beautiful old buildings!

A look into the life of Albrecht Dürer

One of the most famous residents of Nürnberg was the German artist Albrecht Dürer. This artist lived and worked in this city during the time of the Renaissance. He was mainly known for his woodcuts. That this painter was important to Nürnberg is reflected in the city. Here you will find a statue, streets and restaurants that bear his name and Albrecht's house is now even a museum. Are you curious about this famous painter? Then during your motorhome stop in Nürnberg you can take a look into his life at this museum. This is where he lived and worked in the 16th century. Unfortunately, the house was partially destroyed during World War II. Later, these parts were restored and the museum reopened. Choose an audio tour and walk through the museum in amazement. During a walk through the museum you pass a reconstruction of Dürer's workshop, exhibitions of various drawings and there are changing exhibitions.

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- Just the outside of the house is beautiful!

Admire art treasures in the underground world of Nürnberg

Not only above ground you will find many remnants of the past, in the underground world of Nürnberg there is also plenty to discover. Under the castle of Nürnberg you will find a historic art bunker. In the Middle Ages, this network was constructed underground. In 1940 it was renovated to protect Nürnberg's artworks from World War II air raids. Today it is open to the public and you can admire important art treasures here during your motorhome trip.

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- The town square is home to many nice outdoor cafes.

Visit the toy museum during your motorhome trip

In the old days you surely played with different toys than the toys of today. At the toy museum you will find a collection of toys from ancient times to the present! The core of this collection comes from the Bayers family. This family started collecting an extensive toy collection in the 1920s. The city of Nürnberg took over this collection in 1966 and part of it can be seen in this museum today. In the museum you can see the development and changes of toys. Start your visit on the second floor. Here you will find wooden toys, where it all started. On the second floor, the focus is on dollhouses and on the third floor you will see the influence of technology on toys. On the top floor, you'll learn about today's toys like Lego, Playmobil and more. Are you visiting this museum with your children or grandchildren? Then you can play a game of marbles or one of the other games in the garden of the museum!

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- When you walk through the center of the city you will come across the most extraordinary buildings. 

Tiergarten Nürnberg: something else than culture

Do you want something different from culture? Then visit Tiergarten Nürnberg during your motorhome adventure! This is one of the largest zoos in Europe. The zoo is known for its beautiful location in the forest and the beautiful landscape. You will be taken through the different landscapes that our world is rich with. From deserts and steppes, the tropical rainforest to an Amazonian area. While walking through the different landscapes you will encounter more than 300 different animal species. Want to get the most out of your visit? Then opt for a guided tour and listen to the beautiful stories and fun facts about the most special animals. The spectacular dolphin show is also worthwhile!

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- Do not forget to take a look at the famous bridge. 

Eating and drinking in Nürnberg during your motorhome adventure

Nürnberg is not only known for its many attractions, it is also an important brewing city. One of the beers brewed in this city is the Nürnberger Rotbier. This is a low fermentation beer and has been brewed here since the Middle Ages. In 1597, there were 35 breweries in the city especially for this beer! You can visit these breweries at various places in the city. Another delicacy you should definitely have tried during your motorhome trip is the Nürnberger Bratwürste. These little sausages can be found all over the city. There is even legislation that specifies the requirements that the Nürnberger Bratwürste must meet. Also, this bratwurst is protected and may only be made in Nürnberg!

Motorhome stopovers Nürnberg

You do not have to worry about whether you can park your motorhome in Nürnberg. In this city you will find three motorhome stopovers. You can spend the night at Volkspark Marienburg, Motorhome stopover Wöhrder See or Volkspark Dutzendteich.

After your visit to Nürnberg, travel further through Germany and use the Camperstop Europe - Motorhome guide. With this guide you will easily discover all motorhome stopovers in Germany.


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