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Get your motorhome ready as we take you on a motorhome trip to southern Europe. With our motorhome route in this article, you will discover charming cities, breathtaking nature and rich cultural treasures under the Spanish and Portuguese sun! You can drive this motorhome route in its entirety or choose to use it as a guide for your motorhome trip through these two southern European countries. So you can also completely decide how long you stay in a particular place! ¡Buen viaje! Boa viagem!

Good to know

The best travel times for Spain and Portugal are April, May, June, September and October. Winter months, especially in southern Spain and Portugal, are also good to do. In the holiday months of July and August, it can get quite hot in these countries so visiting many sights may not be your preference.


This motorhome route starts in bustling Bilbao! Upon arrival in this city, the Guggenheim Museum is an unmissable first stop. After visiting this contemporary art museum, you can dive into the old town, also known as Casco Vieje. Wander through narrow streets surrounded by charming boutiques and tapas bars!

Bilbao has much more to offer besides art. For example, you can take a lovely stroll in the gardens of Etxebarria park or visit the Museo Vasco. Here you will learn all about the history and traditions of this region. Of course, the coast is not to be missed! Enjoy fresh fish dishes there while feeling the sea breeze through your hair.

In Bilbao, you can spend the night at Kobetamendi, where you will have a great view over the city, and Parking Ibaiondo.

Guggenheim Bilbao Spain motorhome

- Be sure to visit the Guggenheim Museum during your visit to Bilbao!

Bilbao > Salamanca

This will be one of the longest days of travel you'll take on this motorhome route, take plenty of time so you can stop for a lovely picnic and stretch your legs in between. You'll leave Bilbao behind and drive through the picturesque Spanish countryside to your next stop: Salamanca.

Once in Salamanca, you can admire the baroque architecture of this place and visit the Plaza Mayor! In between, you can enjoy a coffee at one of the cosy terraces you can find here. After this, stroll to the centuries-old university, one of the oldest in Europe. The Patio de las Escuelas and the famous frog, which is hard to find, on its façade are a must-see.

Seen everything in Salamanca and still want to take a trip? Then the nearby Arribes del Duero, a breathtaking gorge along the Duero river, is a must!

Spend the night at the Antiguo Campo De Rugbi or at Don Quijto. This motorhome stopover is located 5km outside Salamanca.

Salamanca Spain motorhome

- Enjoy a coffee on one of Salamanca's cosy terraces.

Salamanca > Guarda

Get your motorhome ready again because it's time to cross the border. From Salamanca, you'll drive on to picturesque Guarda in Portugal. This city, in the Beiras region, lies at an altitude of 1,056 metres, making it the highest city in Portugal. In addition, the city is surrounded by Portugal's largest mountain range: Serra da Estrela.

A visit to Guarda's imposing cathedral should not be missed when visiting this city. The Gothic architecture and breathtaking views from the towers make this really worth it! Afterwards, stroll through the narrow streets of the historic centre. Take a seat on one of the terraces near the central square, the Praça Luis de Camões and order a strong cup of Portuguese coffee. Also try Portuguese sweets, such as pastel de nata. 

As we mentioned, this city is surrounded by the Serra da Estrela. A visit to this natural park is also really worthwhile! You will find around 375 km of hiking trails here, with a route for every level of ability. Are you feeling adventurous? Then consider hiking to the "Torre". This is the highest point of the mountain range and gives fantastic panoramic views.

End your day at one of the local restaurants and sample regional specialities. From the famous queijo da Serra (Serra cheese) to the saborosa bacalhau (salted cod).

You can park the motorhome at motorhome park Parque Pólis. This motorhome park is about 4km away from the city.

Guarda > Fátima

From Guarda you drive on to one of the world's greatest pilgrimage sites, Fátima. A visit to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, a place known worldwide for its spiritual significance, should not be missed. 

Walk past sacred sites such as the Capelinha das Aparicões and the Basilica of the Holy Trinity, and take a moment of silence and contemplation. Whether you undertake a spiritual quest or just soak up the peaceful atmosphere, Fátima offers a unique experience!

Spend the night at the Fátima motorhome stopover. From this motorhome stopover you can get to all the sights in no time.

Fátima Portugal motorhome

- Fátima is one of the largest pilgrimage destinations in the world!

Fátima > Castro Verde

You leave Fátima behind and drive on to Castro Verde. This is the place for birdwatchers! You will find here, among others, the Otis tarda and the Tetrax tetrax, one of the most special birds of this area. So don't forget to bring your binoculars!

Isn't bird watching for you? Then opt for a stroll through the centre of Castro Verde. Narrow cobbled streets surround you as you stroll past whitewashed houses and traditional shops. In between, stop for a bica (Portuguese espresso) and enjoy the tranquillity of the town. Afterwards, you can visit the Basilica Real de Nossa Senhora da Conceicao. This royal basilica is completely covered with tile panels, which is very special to see! 

In Castro Verde, you can spend the night at this free motorhome stopover.

Castro Verde > Loulé

You travel on to the Algarve coast and stop at Loulé. This picturesque village is one of the Algarve's oldest towns and is best known for its large covered market hall. You should definitely visit this one. You'll find stalls selling sausages and cheeses from the region, as well as artisan products such as wicker baskets. If you are in Loulé on a Saturday, there is an additional market with various (fresh) products.

A visit to Loulé is not complete without exploring the local culinary delights. Wander the streets and discover cosy restaurants and taverns where you can enjoy authentic Algarve cuisine. Try the grilled sardines, cataplana (a fish stew) or the delicious amêijoas à Bulhão Pato (venus clams in garlic sauce).

From Loulé, you can also easily visit the Portuguese coast. For example, drive to Vilamoura or Quarteira and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

You can park your motorhome at this motorhome stopover in Loulé or at Quarteria.

Loulé Portugal motorhome

- The streets of Loulé are full of shady screens!

Loulé > Seville

From Loulé, cross the border and travel on to the heart of southern Spain: Seville. This city is famous for its monuments and cultural heritage. Must-see of this city is therefore definitely the Alcázar. Wander the gardens, admire the Moorish architecture and be surprised by the historical splendour of this royal palace! 

Also stroll through the narrow streets of the Barrio Santa Cruz, Seville's old Jewish quarter. Here you can enjoy cosy terraces, colourful flowers on balconies and hidden squares. For fantastic views of the city, visit the wooden structure Metropol Parasol and walk over it, or head to Seville's cathedral and climb the tower of the iconic Giralda. 

At night, dive into Seville's vibrant flamenco atmosphere and let the passion of the dance and music carry you away, or take a seat at one of the many local tapas bars.

In Seville you will find several camperstops such as Area Ac Sevilla Centro and Parking Caravane.

Metropol Parasol Seville motorhome

- Stroll across the Metropol Parasol and enjoy the fantastic view of the city of Seville!

Seville > Cordoba

It's time for the next city in southern Spain. You leave Seville behind and drive on to Córdoba. This city lies on the Guadalquivir River and south of the Sierra Morena Mountains. Córdoba is best known for the impressive Mezquita Cathedral. This is a Moorish mosque once recaptured by the Catholic Kings and converted into a cathedral in 1236. 

After exploring the Mezquita-Catedral, stroll through the narrow streets of the old Jewish quarter, the Judería. Here you will find charming patios and traditional tapas bars that invite you to take a break. Then continue your walk to the Roman bridge, Puente Romano, and admire the views of the city on the banks of the Guadalquivir River.

Of course, in Córdoba you can also sample the local gastronomy. Head to the Mercado Victoria, where you'll find gastro bars and delicatessen stalls specialising in traditional dishes from the region of Andalusia.

Fun to do: grab a bike and explore this beautiful city accompanied by a guide. 

In Cordoba, you can stay overnight at Área del Centro Histórico or at Camper Park Medina Azahara in El Higuerón.

Cordoba Spain motorhome

- One of the sights is the Roman bridge Puente Romano.

Cordoba > Toledo

On to the last stop on this motorhome route! Start your motorhome and set course for Toledo. Located in Castile-La Mancha, of which it is also the capital, this city is one of the oldest cities in Spain.

This city breathes history and is best known as a "city of three cultures". This is because Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together for centuries. Be sure to admire Toledo's impressive cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture with a mix of Moorish influences. Walk on to the city's highest point and visit the Alcázar of Toledo, a medieval fortress overlooking the city. Among other things, you can also visit the military museum, Museo del Ejército.

Are you a real art lover? Then also visit the Museo de El Greco. This museum is dedicated to the famous artist, El Greco, who lived and worked in Toledo. See the paintings and discover this master's influence on art history.

Treat yourself to dinner in a traditional Spanish restaurant! Sample delicious local dishes such as the leg of lamb stew (Cordero a la Toledana) or the delectable Marañuelas, a local sweet treat.

Close to Toledo, unfortunately, you won't find a motorhome stopover, but don't let that put you off as it really is a beautiful city! Drive to camperstop Area de Autocaravanas AR2 in Seseña to spend the night after visiting Toledo. This camperstop is about a 40-minute drive away from Toledo.

Toledo Spain motorhome

- The city of Toledo is also beautiful at night!

Do you prefer another European country? Then check out our other motorhome routes! For example, how about a motorhome trip to the Italian region of Puglia? Wherever you go, you'll find plenty of inspiration on Camperstop.com. Have a great motorhome trip!



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