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Ruhr region: a motorhome-trip with an industrial edge

Where coal was once mined and steel was melted, a special region has developed over the past decades: the Ruhr region. This former industrial area in Germany, just across the Dutch border, has now become an industrial hotspot. Where you once found polluting factories, you now find impressive remnants of the industrial past, combined with the most beautiful parks and wild nature. In other words, the German Ruhr region has transformed into the heart of German industry. Curious about which stops you absolutely cannot miss during your motorhome-trip to the Ruhr region? Then keep reading!

Discover the green heart of the Ruhr region!

When we talk about the green heart of the Ruhr region, we're referring to our first stop: the city of Mülheim. Half of this bustling city is comprised of green parks and forests. And as the name suggests, the river Ruhr flows right through this green city. You can explore the city perfectly from the water! Board a boat from the Wasserbanhhof for an interesting boat trip along the river Ruhr.

During this boat trip, you can also make a stop to visit the natural history museum "Haus Ruhrnatur." Here, you'll learn all about the ecosystem of the Ruhr region and even get to experiment with things like water and wind turbines. This museum is very suitable for a day out with the kids!

Prefer discovering the green surroundings by bike? That's also possible in Mülheim! For those who want to experience a unique contrast between the green environment and the industrial past of the Ruhr region, there's no better way than following the cycling route along the RuhrtalRadweg. A stop you definitely shouldn't miss along this cycling route is Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. This stop is about a 45-minute bike ride from Mülheim and is a former industrial complex that has been transformed into a green park where you can cycle past old blast furnaces and admire abandoned machinery up close. 

Stay overnight for free in Mülheim by the river Ruhr at the green motorhome stopover Mülheim/Ruhr.


-  Bring the bikes and take a bike ride on the Ruhr Valley Cycling Trail© dam.germany.travel

Visit the vibrant city of Gelsenkirchen

Your next stop is Gelsenkirchen! A visit to this bustling city is a must during your motorhome-trip through the Ruhr region. 

In Gelsenkirchen, you can explore the industrial history on foot. During your walk, you can stroll through Nordsternpark. After the closure of the mine in 1993, this park was redeveloped, allowing you to experience what it was like in the past. If you want to take a break during your walk, relax at the brightly painted coffee café Kinderland Integrationscafe, right in the middle of the park! Here, they serve delicious coffee and homemade pie.

While in Gelsenkirchen, visiting the Amphitheater is highly recommended. This is one of the most beautiful open-air theaters overlooking the canal, and it hosts large concerts annually. Or attend a performance at the modern Musiktheater im Revier. This stunning theater in the old town of Gelsenkirchen has a very atmospheric ambiance, and it hosts both large and small performances. It's clear that Gelsenkirchen is a truly vibrant city! 

You can park your motorhome at Stellplatz Nienhausen. This motorhome stopover is located near a lake and the revierpark.

Musiktheater im revier

-  The modern Musiktheater im Revier is a must-visit! © dam.germany.travel

Walk through the old town of Westerholt

Leave the bustling city of Gelsenkirchen behind and drive to the charming village of Westerholt, a district of the city of Herten. This village boasts picturesque white houses with wooden finishes, transporting you back in time a few centuries. Take a leisurely stroll through the old town and discover the history of this village. In the 20th century, two enormous coal mines operated here, and you can see the effects of this during your walk.

Also, visit "Schloss Herten." This is a historic castle on a small island. You can enjoy a delightful walk around this castle and afterwards indulge in a German beer and schnitzel on the cozy outdoor terrace of Restaurant Alt Westerholt.

Westerholt Ruhrgebied camper

- Stroll through the cosy village of Westerholt© dam.germany.travel

Visit the Ruhrfestspiele festival in Recklinghausen

Recklinghausen, the next stop on your motorhome-trip through the Ruhr region! Park your motorhome at motorhome stopover Wohnmobilstellplatz Erlbruch, Recklinghausen and head out on foot or by bike.

Are you in Recklinghausen in May or June? Then the Ruhrfestspiele festival is definitely worth a visit! This theater festival originated in 1946 and is one of the most famous and oldest theater festivals in Europe. From May through June, this place turns into a global theater city, where performances take place daily! Think dance performances, music performances and cabaret. There is even a Festival program for children. So there is something for everyone! 

You can end your day in Recklinghausen at Susberg's bei Boente. This is a real German brewery and has a cozy illuminated beer garden. Here you can enjoy a delicious German meal, beer and, with a little luck, live music as well!

Recklinghausen camper

- Enjoy a real German meal and a beer when you are in the Ruhr region! © dam.germany.travel

Visit the artist district in Hamm

Your last stop is Hamm! This stop is all about art. You can admire the most beautiful murals while walking through this city, especially in the arty Martin-Luther-Viertal district. Not only is this district fantastic during the day, but also at night. After sunset, in fact, you will find the beautiful light installations here. 

If you are a real art lover, a visit to art gallery La Galerie should not be missed when you are in Hamm. In this gallery you will find historical art that has been deferred in a special way and that too in a special building, namely a former bakery.

But also for the technological development of the last 150 years you can visit Hamm. In the photography museum La Musée you will learn everything about the history of photography, film and sound. Very interesting!

Finish your afternoon at one of the most beautiful neighborhood cafes Hamm has, La Maison. This café is the place to be for everyone who is interested in art and the Hamm area. You can also buy a nice souvenir to take home. Think of historical record players and cameras or jewelry from Africa. 

If you want to visit Hamm, you can stay overnight with your motorhome at the free motorhome stopover Hamm.

wijk Martin-Luther-Viertal camper Ruhrgebied

- Visit the arty Martin-Luther-Viertel district© dam.germany.travel

That the Ruhr is an impressive destination, we surely don't have to tell you anymore. And the best part is: the hotspots listed are not all the hotspots the Ruhr region has to offer. There is much more to discover! Curious about more inspiration for your motorhome-trip to the industrial Ruhr region? Then read this articleOne thing we can tell you: the hotspots in this article are definitely not less worth visiting. What are you waiting for? Drive your motorhome to this diverse area!

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