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Ruhr region: a motorhome trip with an industrial edge!

Close to the Dutch border you will find the Ruhr area. Once this was one of the largest industrial areas in Europe. Nowadays it is an attractive region for motorhome owners. Former factories have been transformed into museums, restaurants and have been given many other functions. During a motorhome trip through this region you will pass industrial monuments, beautiful cities and nice sights. Would you like to discover this region by motorhome? Then be sure to read on. We'll tell you all about the nicest cities in the Ruhr area.

Duisburg: the first stop of your motorhome adventure

Duisburg! This is the first stop of your motorhome trip through the Ruhr area of Germany. This city is located near the Dutch border. When you drive towards the Ruhr area with your motorhome, you immediately see that it is an industrial area. Once you arrive in Duisburg it is no different. Here you will find one of the most famous monuments of industrial culture, the Landschaftspark. Until 1985, this area was still fully used for the production of steel. In recent years, all sorts of factories have been given new functions and a park has been created. The combination of greenery and industry is perfect for a walk or bike ride, but you can also go here for other recreational purposes. Climb one of the old blast furnaces or have a bite to eat in one of the old factories. If you are in Duisburg you should also visit the inner harbor of Duisburg. This area used to be known as the granary of the Ruhr. Today it is a lively port where there is always something going on. From monthly harbor markets to the best village festivals. The last tip we have for you is the Tiger and Turtle. This work of art is shaped like a roller coaster. Unlike a normal roller coaster with carts, you can walk on it. From the highest point you can enjoy a beautiful view of the German industrial area.

On the grounds of the Landschaftspark you can stay overnight at Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord.

Landschaftspark Germany Duisburg motorhome trip

- The Landschaftspark is a must-see!

In Oberhausen you will not get bored!

Time for the second stop of your motorhome trip. This time we stop in Oberhausen. A city where the heart of a shopaholic will beat faster. Here you will find Centro, the largest shopping center in Europe. Here you can wander around for hours along more than 220 stores. If you can't find nice clothes here, we don't know what else to do. Also in Oberhausen you can see that it was once an industrial area. One of the remains you should not miss is the Gasometer. This was a gigantic storage facility for gas. Nowadays, changing exhibitions are held in this old warehouse. From the roof of this building you have a good view over the city. Are you planning to drive to the Ruhr area with the kids in your motorhome? Then you are in the right place in this city! Next to the shopping center you will find SEA LIFE, a large aquarium. They can also have fun for hours in the adjacent LEGOLAND Discovery Centre.

In Oberhausen there are many accommodation options. Park your motorhome at Stellplatz Kaisergaten and enjoy the green surroundings. Would you like to spend the night near the world-famous shopping center? Then choose to park your motorhome at Parking 10. You can also choose to park your motorhome by the water. You can do this at Stellplatz Marina!

motorhome trip Ruhr region Germany Oberhausen

- In SEA LIFE you discover the underwater world. 

Bottrop: the center of the Ruhr area!

For the next stop, we head a little further into Germany towards Bottrop. This is also called the center of the Ruhr area. If you are a real ski enthusiast, you have probably heard of this place. The longest ski hall in the world is located here. The length of the slope is 640 meters! Not only the ski hall, but also the Tetraeder is a symbol of the city. This is an observation tower on a stone mountain. Due to its high location, you can see this lookout tower from a distance. The artwork is a spatial figure that resembles a pyramid. You have to put in some effort, but then you are also rewarded with a magnificent view. From here you can see Essen and many other cities of the Ruhr area. If you want to take your children or grandchildren on a motorhome adventure, you can opt for a day at Movie Park. In this amusement park the kids will be entertained all day. They can see all their favorite heroes from the film world here in person.

You can spend the night in Bottrop  at motorhome stopover Bottrop.

Motorhome stopover Bottrop motorhome trip Germany

- Spend the night at a quiet motorhome stopover in Bottrop.

Visit the multi-faceted city of Essen

Essen! A nice city in the Ruhr area. Unfortunately Essen was badly hit in the Second World War. So do not expect a historic city center with many monuments when you make a motorhome stop in this city. However, there are still some half-timbered houses that you can visit. Just like in Oberhausen, shopping enthusiasts are king in this city. The shopping area in Essen is extremely large. You will find two shopping centers and also in the city center you will find all kinds of nice stores and boutiques. Would you like to find some peace and quiet? Then you can do so in the Gruga Park. This beautiful green park is open all year. The large botanical garden with large cacti and tropical trees is alone worth a visit. There is something for everyone to do or experience here. Hikers can enjoy a beautiful walking tour, artists discover beautiful works of art, and sports enthusiasts can play volleyball or a game of bocce here. Of course, an industrial edge cannot be missed in Essen either. For this you have to be at Zeche Zollverein! This used to be the largest coal mine in the world. Let one of the former miners take you on a tour here and find out all about this era. In the summer many festivals and concerts are held here and you can take a dive in the pool. The special thing about this pool is that it is located in an old factory. When you make a motorhome stop here, you will be amazed! It is not surprising that the Zeche Zollverein is on the Unesco world heritage list.

motorhome trip Germany Ruhr area motorhome

- On many places in Germany you have a beautiful view over the landscape! 

Bochum: the city with a mining past

Bochum, the next stop of your motorhome adventure! This city, too, has become great through mining. It was even the first city that managed to cast steel into shape. Today, services are a major source of income in this city. Are you curious about the time of mining? Then you can take a look in the Bergbau-Museum. In this museum you will learn all about mining and much more. The mining of gold, silver and copper is also discussed in this museum. In addition to the mining museum, you will find many other museums here. From a railroad museum to an art museum with artworks from the 20th century! The best way to discover this city and its surroundings is by bicycle. There are many bicycle routes in and around Bochum. This way you won't miss a thing of this industrial city. 

Coal Mine Industry Ruhr Area Motorhome Trip

- Mining was a major source of income.

We end our motorhome trip in Dortmund

Dortmund is not to be missed during your motorhome adventure through the German Ruhr Area. It is one of the oldest cities in western Germany. In the Middle Ages it became one of the most important Hanseatic cities in Europe. The mining and steel industries were very important for Dortmund in the past and ensured that the city was very prosperous at the time. Unfortunately, most of the inner city was also destroyed during the Second World War. Because of this, a lot of new buildings came into being. During a walk through this city you will see many modern skyscrapers, stores and office buildings. Many young people from Germany move to this city to study or pursue a career.

During your camperstop in Dortmund you can use Revierpark Wischlingen.

Dortmund city motorhome trip Germany

- Dortmund: a vibrant city in the Ruhr area!

Want to extend your motorhome route through Germany's Ruhr region? Then quickly read part 2 and discover even more beautiful places worth visiting!



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