Visit the city of queens: Óbidos!

Visit the city of queens: Óbidos!

If a town is so beautiful that a king wants to gift it to his queen, you know that you definitely need to visit this town during your motorhome trip in Portugal! If you're looking for a charming city or town, the town of queens is definitely the place to go. The small streets, white houses with blue and yellow borders, the castle and the old city walls; this town breathes history! Óbidos is one of the best place to admire during your motorhome trip. In this article, you'll find our tips for the best sights in this city.

Dwell through the picturesque streets

Not only the main street and castle walls of Óbidos are worth exploring. All the other picturesque streets of the centre are absolutely worth your time as well! In every street, you'll find small white houses, traditionally painted with blue and yellow borders. But not only that, you'll also find the most charming doors, red roofs and balconies. Walk through the stunning gate of 'Porta da Vila', and take your time to look up and admire the stunning artwork of azulejos. You'll be sold right away! Once you're in the centre of the city, you'll find lots of fun stores and restaurants in the main street: Rua Direita.

picturesque streets obidos

- Walk through the picturesque streets of Óbidos

Climb the old city walls of Óbidos

The literal highlight of Óbidos are the age-old city walls. In many cities, you'll only find remains of these walls, yet in Óbidos they're fully conserved! One of the most fun things to do over here is taking a walk on the city walls. You can walk all the way around town via the walls, so you'll get an impression of the old castle, as well as having a stunning view over Óbidos and the environment. Including vistas, stairs and city gates, it really is an impressive part of the city. Don't be afraid of heights, as the wall is up to 13 metres high in some places! And be careful, as the walls are not that wide and are not secured, which is exactly what keeps it really beautiful and 'real'. If we may give you a tip; walk along the city wall during sunset to admire Óbidos in its golden glow, it is really beautiful!

city wall

- Enjoy the stunning view over Óbidos!

The most famous churches of Óbidos!

Despite the fact that Óbidos is only a small town, it has over 14 churches! You should definitely have a look inside the Santa Maria church! Here, the interior is richly decorated with blue azulejos and paintings. Besides the altar, you'll find some amazing paintings of Josefa de Óbidos, one of the most important baroque artist of Portugal. When you exit the church, you'll end up on a beautiful square, Praca de Santa Maria, which has some stunning fountains. Since Óbidos has so many churches, it wasn't a problem to sacrifice one to be a bookstore. The Igreja de São Tiago, next to the grand castle gate, has been a bookstore since 2012. You're free to come and have a look here, to admire all the books besides the grand altar.

santa maria church

- Pay a visit to Igreja de Santa Maria in Óbidos!

Cherry liquor

During your visit to Óbidos, a taste of the famous Portuguese liqueur cannot be missed. If you walk down the main street, you simply cannot escape it: on every terrace they serve the 'Ginjinha'. In late spring, ginjas are harvested. This little cherry is made into a liqueur that is traditionally served in small edible cups made of chocolate. Is your mouth already watering? It is deliciously sweet and definitely worth trying! Highly recommended; walk to Ibn Errik Rex bar, located in Rua Direita, to drink the delicious Ginja de Óbidos made according to an old family recipe. You can also admire the special interior there and the delicious regional dishes in this bar are also really worth a try!

cherry liquor

- Try the traditional Ginjinha!

Staying in Óbidos

A day trip is fun, but often you want to stay for a night. Then, you can also visit the photogenic village during sunset and sunrise! The perfect base if you want to discover all the beauty of Óbidos and its surroundings is the motorhome stopover Casa Azzurra. After a lovely day of hiking in Óbidos, you can cool off in the pool at the stopover. Ideal, right?!

But if you prefer to spend the night at a location a bit closer to the town, the motorhome stopover Obidos is a real winner for you! The location is perfect; in fact, within a 10-minute walk you are already on the main street of Óbidos, or Rua Direita.

staying the night in obidos

- Stay at one of the many motorhome stopovers in the stunning Óbidos!

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