To the Moselle with your motorhome

The best places to visit with your motorhome in the Moselle region!

You do not have to travel far for a fun weekend getaway. Along the Moselle, a river that runs through France, Luxembourg, and Germany, you'll find plenty of wineries, picturesque villages, and beautiful motorhome stopovers! What more could you want? In this article, we composed a list with some of the best places to visit along the Moselle in Germany and France!

Koblenz - Germany

The Moselle River actually ends in Koblenz, but that does not mean that this city isn't the perfect starting point to explore this beautiful region! Take a walk through the Altstad - the historical centre of the city - during your visit to Koblenz. This part of the city is characterized by its cosy alleys, stunning buildings, and squares with lots of restaurants and shops! You should definitely have a look at the Jesuitenplatz; this might be the most beautiful square in Koblenz.

As mentioned earlier, the Moselle River flows into Koblenz. In fact, the 544-kilometer-long river merges into the Rhine here. The two giant rivers meet in Koblenz at the Deutsches Eck. This is arguably the most popular place in Koblenz, on the one hand because of the merging of the two rivers here, and on the other hand because of the enormous statue of emperor Wilhelm II that you can find on the junction. Right across the statue, you'll find the Ehrenbreitstein. This is a fort from the 19th century that offers some fantastic views over Koblenz and its surroundings!

You can stay the night with your motorhome at Knaus Reisemobilstellplatz Koblenz. From this motorhome stopover, you'll look out over the Deutsches Eck from your window!


- At the Deutsches Eck, in Koblenz, the Moselle flows over into the Rhine. 

Alken, Brodenbach and Castle Eltz - Germany

If you park your motorhome at Alken, you can easily make lots of different day trips to some of the most beautiful places along the Moselle. Alken itself is a tiny, old wine village with some beautiful historical sights. For example, you could pay a visit to the old city walls!

A couple kilometres south from Alken lies Brodenbach. This romantic village lies in a curve of the Moselle and is surrounded by forests. Because of its green surroundings, this village is a aerial health spa and has lots of amazing hiking trails on offer! For example, you could walk all the way to Ehrenburg! This stunning fortress from the 12th century can be reached through the romantic Ehrbachtal. Do you want to stay close to Brodenbach? Then spend the night at Parkplatz Salzwiese.

Fancy visiting a real fairytale-castle? Have a look at Castle Eltz. This stunning castle, which is almost 900 years old, lies in the beautiful Eltzer forest. This means that you can not only admire some amazing architecture here, but you can also make several beautiful hikes! This might be one of the best places along the Moselle.

eltz castle

- Castle Eltz looks like it comes straight out of a fairytale!

Cochem & Bremm - Germany

A lot of people will think of Cochem when they hear 'the Moselle'; and that's not a weird thing! Cochem is probably one of the most well-known and popular destinations along the Moselle. Are you interested in visiting this stunning village? Read our blog ''Visit Cochem with the motorhome!''. You can spend the night close to Cochem at Wohnmobil-Stellplatz an der Nordbrücke.

If you follow the Moselle down south for 20 kilometres, you will end up in Bremm. In this village, you'll find the steepest wine-hill of all Europe! This hill, named the Bremmer Calmont, has a gradient of 65 degrees. If you're a bit adventurous, you can climb the hill via the Klettersteig. This hike takes about 2 hours, but it gives you some amazing views as soon as you reach the top.

You can stay with your motorhome at a winery, namely at Weingut Oster-Franzen. Wine-lovers will feel right at home here, because you can partake in a delicious wine-tasting directly at the motorhome stopover!

motorhome stopover bremm

- Stay in the heart of a vineyard at Weingut Oster Franzen!

Metz - France

Fancy travelling a little further? Then you could visit the French part of the Moselle. We advise you to go to Metz. This city is bursting with beautiful architecture, delicious restaurants, museums, and shops. Also, you should definitely pay a visit to the Saint-Étienne cathedral. This gigantic cathedral has some stunning stained-glass windows.

But, luckily enough, there's also enough to experience for nature lovers since this city is known as one of the greenest cities in France! You could have a look at the Jardin Botanique. In this botanical garden, you'll find lots of exotic plants and flowers, as well as fish, birds and even turtles!

You can stay with your motorhome at Metz. This motorhome stopover lies on the banks of the Moselle and is the perfect starting point to discover this beautiful French city.

Can't get enough of the Moselle region? No worries! In our blog ''Motorhome trip to Moselle: motorhome stopovers & highlights'' we give you many more tips and inspiration for destinations and motorhome stopovers in the Moselle region. Besides, you can find all these motorhome stopovers (and more) in our renewed Camperstop-App. Download the app now on iOS or Android and try the app for free for 7 days!

4x free motorhome stopovers in Switzerland!

4x free motorhome stopovers in Switzerland!

The expensive prices discourage many people from going on a motorhome trip to Switzerland, even though the country is just so beautiful! Whether you are travelling to Switzerland in spring, summer, autumn, or winter, every season has its own charm and there is always something to do or discover. To save some money on your trip to Switzerland, you can stay at a free motorhome stopover. We have already listed a couple of great ones for you!

Restaurant Eggli, Appenzell

Appenzell is a village in the canton Appenzell Innerrhoden, in the northeast of Switzerland. In the car-free centre of the village, you will find countless cosy alleys with beautiful buildings and a couple of great stores and restaurants. But Switzerland wouldn't be Switzerland if it didn't have dozens of amazing nature experiences on offer. The absolute highlight of this region is the Seealpsee. This is one of the most beautiful mountain lakes of Switzerland. Whether you want to go sailing, swimming, or simply just want to hike up to the lake, you will undoubtedly shoot the best pictures ever!

Another one of Appenzell's highlights - literally and figuratively - is Restaurant Eggli. This restaurant lies at almost 1200 metres above sea level and offers an amazing view over the beautiful landscape. You can stay for free with your motorhome at this restaurant, though you will have to be a guest at the restaurant in order to do so. Don't fret, though, the delicious Swiss dishes and delicacies on the menu are to die for. There's no other option than having a meal over here. As they would say in Switzerland: En guetä!

appenzell switzerland free motorhome stopover

The beautiful landscape that surrounds Appenzell! © Switzerland Tourism

Basel, Basel

Basel, also known as Basle, is a city in the northeast of Switzerland, located on the intersection with France and Germany. There are several architectural highlights inn the centre of Basel, such as the Mittlere Brücke, the city hall on the Marktplatz and Basel's cathedral. Culture enthusiasts can eat their hearts out here, as both the Museum of Fine Arts and Museum Tinguely are located in the city centre.

Are you in Basel in summer? Then you can take a dip in the Rhine, which runs right through the city. During winter, you can have a look at one of the many cosy christmas markets, or partake in the Basler Fasnacht. This tradition is somewhat like carnival, and takes place in February or March every year. For a free stay in Basel, you can park your motorhome at the free motorhome stopover Basel. This motorhome stopover lies at only 2 kilometres distance from the city centre, so it's the perfect place to start exploring Basel!

basel switzerland free motorhome stopover

- Basel is the perfect place for a citytrip in Switzerland!

Val des Hérémence, Grande Dixence, Hérémence

The following motorhome stopover lies in the francophone part of Switzerland, namely in Hérémence, located in the southwest of the country. If you'd like to have a fantastic view directly from your motorhome, then this is the place for you! This motorhome stopover lies directly besides one of the largest dams in the world! The Grande Dixence is a whopping 285 metres high and holds back melting water from as many as 35(!) glaciers and rivers. This water is collected in the Lac des Dix, a beautiful artificial lake which you can walk to from your motorhome stopover!

There are various great hikes in the surroundings, each one of them offering a phenomenal view over the dam and the bright blue lake. Besides an amazing view, you will also encounter many beautiful and colourful alpine flowers on your way! There are also daily tours offered in the dam. Would you rather go for an adrenaline rush? Then you can whizz down on the 700 metre-long zipline. Anyway, there's enough to do at the Grande Dixence! As mentioned before, you can stay for free directly besides the dam, at the free motorhome stopover Val des Hérémence.

hérémence switzerland free motorhome stopover

- The amazing view from the free motorhome stopover in Hérémence! 

I AMsterdam card

Bains de Saillon, Saillon

Would you rather go on a motorhome trip to reaaally relax?! In that case, the free motorhome stopover Bains de Saillon is the perfect place for you! This motorhome stopover lies on the parking lot of the Bains de Saillon spa. Located in the francophone canton of Valais, in south-west Switzerland, this place is the ultimate spot for wellness and relaxation!

There are several pools in the spa, including a couple of thermal baths, a semi-olympic swimming pool, a thermal lazy-river and lots more! Obviously, the standard wellness-facilities, such as a sauna, are accounted for too. Are you travelling with kids? Then they can enjoy themselves with a slide and kids pool during summer! Besides all this, there are no more than 7 different restaurants and bistro's on the terrain, with dishes ranging from Swiss hamburgers to local specialties from Valais. Sounds great, right? To make it all even better, you have a view over the Swiss Alps from almost every corner of the spa, and from your motorhome stopover of course. What more could you want?

bains de saillon switzerland free motorhome stopover

- The free motorhome stopover on the parking terrain of Bains de Saillon!

Want to see more of Switzerland? Travel the Grand Tour with your motorhome and discover the most beautiful places of this amazing country! Want to go on a motorhome trip someplace else, but still want to stay at a free motorhome stopover? Camperstop lists free motorhome stopovers in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Germany, Spain, and Italy for you! We wish you lots of (motorhome) fun!

Camperstop-App completely renewed


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Camperstop-App completely renewed


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